Sensus/Rockwell is a company known for producing products and services that help companies reach their full potential. The corporations’ main goal is to reach farther in providing solutions for home and business industrial needs. They gather information about product performances and the industry to inspire their innovations.

Sensus Metering Systems are a world-class leading provider of gas, water, heat, and electrical meter components. These components include top-of-the-range communication solutions that allow for automatic meter reading and advanced metering infrastructure.

Sensus Rockwell Gas Regulators And Other Components

Here at Furnace Part Source, we’re bringing you a full and comprehensive range of incredible Sensus/Rockwell solutions to choose from for repairs. Some even come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Review the gas pressure regulators, orifice solutions, springs, and Equimeter high-pressure gas regulators.

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Ideal for commercial purposes, and businesses who want to offer more to their customers, Sensus/Rockwell delivers the highest standard for people who can’t afford to compromise. We have a wide range of their products that reflect these values. When you need a water column that comes with a low learning curve and detailed technical information, look at the Sensus/Rockwell #143-IRV-¾ part. That is just one of the examples.


A Sensus/Rockwell Equimeter is another line of regulators for handling gas-powered systems. They are designed for easy installation, and to adjust to changing energy demands. Some of the parts involved include the Sensus/Rockwell # 243-12-1 ½. While not available for shipping deals, the part does have a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

When looking at Equimeter models, one good option is the Sensus/Rockwell #143-IRV-HP-¾ as part of the regular gas regulators available for perusal. Equimeters represent the brand well in always meeting customer needs with fixed factor billing.

Sensus Rockwell Gas Meter

The residential rockwell gas meters are built for stability and long-term use. They combine diaphragm systems with modern engineering to deliver on high-capacity returns. On top of that, the meter bodies are lightweight, allowing for a higher range of convenience.

Sensus/Rockwell commits their business to ensure that public service providers can get more out of their infrastructure. With such a goal, they therefore improve the quality of life experienced by people within their communities. Sensus/Rockwell has an ongoing devotion to quality management that ensures they only provide the highest quality materials and products to us.

Trust Furnace Part Source With Sensus Metering

With Furnace Part Source and Sensus/Rockwell, you can ensure that you’re accessing the highest quality components for your heating and cooling solutions. We also carry other brands that suit HVAC specialist needs. Some of our stock includes hard-to-find parts or discontinued components.

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