Hot Surface Ignitors

Furnace Hot Surface Ignitors

Found on only the most modern furnaces, hot surface ignitors or igniters are the latest solution for safely and effectively lighting gas flames upon unit start-up. They can replace pilot lights in older gas-powered systems. The system works by passing electricity through the Silicon Carbide or Silicon Nitride ignitor, causing the surface to glow red hot. Many have an OEM design that will meet regulations and standards.

Intended to offer clean and efficient heating to your furnace project, hot surface ignitors are a fantastic option for both residential and commercial heating solutions. They can also install within water heaters and boiling systems. Try to aim for a model that is universal. Especially with gas-powered furnaces, you want to aim for easy installation.

Test Hot Surface Ignitors

Our range of exceptional hot surface ignitors at Furnace Part Source are designed to meet the highest quality standards, and stand the test of time, for reliable performance throughout the years. From gas-powered to silicon carbide igniters, we have the appropriate selections for you including the Lennox # 70W16 Hot Surface Ignitor.

Honeywell Hot Surface Ignitor

Honeywell is one of the top brands when you have a strong call for heat. Some are designed to replace multiple series and improve on older models. The Honeywell #Q3400A1024, for example, will replace about five different Q3 series igniters, while having a versatile installation.

Ignitors for Gas Furnaces

Igniters are designed to be safer than pilot lights. They also reduce heating costs because pilot lights need to stay on all the time. Igniters, in contrast, will turn and and off whenever voltage is applied to their system. The two items can be used in tandem, such as with the Armstrong Furnace R42495-001 Pilot/Igniter/Sensor Assembly, to make the transition easier.

At Furnace Part Source, we stock only the very best parts from the most trustworthy manufacturers on the market. Within our catalog, you’ll find hot surface ignitors and spark ignitor parts from vendors like Armstrong Air, Carrier, Amana/Goodman, and more.

Whether you’re looking for hot surface ignitors and flame sensor parts, or universal hot surface ignitor kits, for any kind of surface, we have it all at Furnace Part Source. Browse through our extensive collection today to find the solution that works best for you! Shop today, and enjoy benefits like same-day international shipping!

When To Replace Your Hot Surface Igniter

Certain signs will tell you when your ignitor has become faulty and needs either a repair or a replacement. Sometimes you can adjust the settings for when gas valves open, and ensure that the furnace is running smoothly.

Igniters are designed to glow when in use. If they aren’t glowing and remain dark, then that is a sign that they are not functioning properly. While the furnace may not be running for other reasons, do check the ignitors.

Chilly air is another red flag, when it comes out of your furnace, especially when it is not set to this function. Make sure your settings are on Heat or Auto; if they are and your air is chilly, then it is time for a replacement.

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Furnace Part Source has ample experience providing the parts that HVAC specialists need for repairs and replacement. Heating and cooling systems require different levels of maintenance, and experts want to stock up on components.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our options for components repair. With Furnace Part Source, you will thrive with air flow in tandem with home improvement. A good call for heat will assist you.