The answer to your furnace repair problems starts here. Fasco is well-known for their ability to deliver products and parts that offer durability and ongoing performance to their customers. Experts in the world of technology and efficiency, Fasco have transformed the marketplace with the most innovative and customized solutions available in the world of HVAC and furnace manufacturer. Browse our full Furnace Part Source collection today. 

Fasco Parts

Think about the last time that you were faced with an HVAC repair problem that you weren’t able to fix on your own. Professional installers have faced a number of such issues, though even those who do simply their own residential work might have some horror stories to fall back on. Fortunately, Fasco parts may prove to be the solution in many cases.

Fasco Blower Motors

Since the engineering teams at Fasco have dedicated so much time to working out every potential issue with their equipment, even a single 1/30HP 1550 RPM motor system can feel considerably more powerful than it is. You might think that something of that size won’t be able to move that much air, but it offers far more kick than you’d imagine.

Take a look at the size of the blower motor specified by the current piece of furnace equipment that you’re working with. Chances are that it should fit something around this size. You’ll want to check out various 120V motor components, which Fasco has ensured work well at that 1/30 HP rating.

Like all blower motors, these are designed to move air efficiently, so you can use your HVAC system as desired. Fasco has machined each of their components in a way that avoids the use of extra power, so they won’t be any more of a drain than your current blower motors are.

They have a specific rated life as well, which is good news for those who want to be absolutely sure that they’re not going to end up with a part that might fail quickly. Simply use them in a manner consistent with their labeling and they should be good to go.

Fasco Blower Assembly

Fasco products are known for their durability. That means that whether you’re investing in a blower wheel or a bore for your furnace or heating and cooling project, you can rest assured that it will stand the test of time. Each product is tested for exceptional quality before it’s shipped to our warehouse. These are all built to their exacting specifications, so you can be assured of fitment as long as you have all of the dimensions down right as well.

Take a few moments to check the size and you should be able to get the kind of motor and blower equipment that you’re looking for. Look at Fasco’s 5/8 CW wheel, for instance. As long as your requirements meet the dimensions and specifications of this part, it should match perfectly. Checking over your current build usually isn’t that difficult, making this step quite a breeze compared to most other chores related to furnace maintenance.

In many cases, people feel their HVAC journey is littered with guesswork. You won’t have to think this way when you’re looking through Fasco’s catalog. Just as they’ve dedicated themselves to providing high-quality components that work in a variety of circumstances, they’ve also spelled out the specifications of each of these parts.

You’ll know exactly what you’re getting from the company. A full listing of how each motor and assembly is meant to be used is available, so you can browse before you ever actually think to put money down on a part.

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