Lennox is an international company known for its legacy of innovation and has contributed to many of the most significant transformations in our current environment, starting with the invention of the world's first riveted-steel furnace in 1895. Over more than a century of production, Lennox has pioneered new solutions in heating and cooling around the globe, and they continue to make some of the best products on the market today, which are carried at Furnace Part Source.

Lennox Parts

Take a look at the Lennox components that we have on sale for your air system. You can get great discounts on products, and find those that have been discontinued by the manufacturers. Our goal is to keep your system maintained.

The Lennox # 12J18 TXV valve is one option for your machine when you are in need of a replacement. It is a thermal expansion valve, meaning that it regulates the amount of refrigerant within a heating or cooling system. It regulars the vapor’s superheat when it leaves the evaporator.

When you need a thermostat, the Lennox #13H14 can assist with the ComfortSense series 7500. It is easily programmable while saving on energy for the user. This particular thermostat also alternates between gas and electric power for heating. It also generates energy reports to denote how much heat and air conditioning are being used.

Are you in need of a heater kit for repairs and adding onto your air system? The Lennox # 13T91 15KW Heater Kit can help with that. They work to provide heat within an enclosed area. This heater kit also serves as a replacement.

Company Ideals

Lennox wants to ensure that customers are well-educated about their air conditioning systems. The company’s priority is to implement innovations. Then their machinery makes air quality pristine and maintains it in such a way. They also promote information relevant to their customers that can affect their heating and cooling systems.

One issue that they are concerned about is the phasing out of R22 from cooling systems. R22 is a CFC refrigerant that poses to the ozone layer. The EPA has mandated in 2020 that R22 will be banned from manufacturing. As a result, fewer companies have R22 available for use. With luck, a viable substitute will appear that is better for the environment. Lennox recommends replacing your R22 system with an HVAC repair one after R22 sources or the systems in question no longer work.

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