Guarantee Policy


Get the Right PartGUARANTEED.


1. The guarantee applies not just to furnaces but also to A/C units, water heaters, or whatever type of unit you are requesting a part ID on. If we ID the part you request—we stand by it.

2. The guarantee only applies to customers (people who place orders with us). So if you ask for a part ID and buy elsewhere, the guarantee is obviously not in effect.

3. Furnace Part Source cannot diagnose what is wrong with your furnace. For example, if you ask us to ID the circuit board, but it turns out you didn’t need a circuit board to fix your furnace, your purchase would not be eligible for the full guarantee return (part purchase plus shipping), but only the standard non-warranty return, provided no installation or attempted installation was made.

What is guaranteed?

1. Part identifications when you purchase the part from us that we identified based on the make, model#, and serial number you provide to us in the form of a picture of the correct Data plate for your unit! (For example if we ID your part as 62-12356-01 and send you by mistake 62-12444-03—you’re protected by the Full Guarantee Return). Or if we tell you the current part number is part 704A but it turns out the correct number is actually 704B—you’re protected)

2. Correct identification of an obsolete part number to the correct current part number. Any customer contacting us with an obsolete number for which we can provide a direct cross or current part number—you are guaranteed that this is the correct current number cross.

3. If our staff were to send you the incorrect part. Example: You order a certain part, and we send you a different part. Don’t worry—this hardly ever happens.

What is NOT guaranteed?

1. We do not guarantee that the part you purchase is the part you need to fix your furnace. You must know which part it is you need. For instance, if you needed a circuit board and had asked us to identify the pressure switch, our promise would be only that the correct pressure switch would be identified—not the correct part to fix your furnace. To avoid problems like this, we encourage customers to get a professional diagnosis before ordering a part.

2. We do not guarantee identifications for people who request part identifications but do not order the part from us. Simply put, what would we be guaranteeing? There must be an order to refund in order to consider a refund.

3. We cannot guarantee when you provide incorrect or incomplete model or serial number information. (But don’t worry—we are pretty thorough when it comes to making sure we have the complete information during our communication with you.)