Thermostats / Sensors

Your HVAC system is only ever as good as the thermostat you have powering it. Without thermostats and sensors, your furnace or air conditioner would never know how warm or cool your building is. As a result, you’d have no way of adjusting the temperature. That’s what makes these parts from Honeywell, Trane, Lennox, Climatemaster and other top brands so important no matter what kind of configuration you have.

Some sensors might be high-tech and automated while others opt for a more traditional way of doing business. In either case, they’re a vital part of your HVAC system that you may eventually need to replace.

Honeywell Thermostat Sensor

Perhaps no other name is quite as associated with thermostats as Honeywell. Their engineers basically invented the modern thermostat industry. Multi-range press sensors and programmable thermostats are now both proud to carry this name and, by extension, the long tradition that comes with it.

Programmable thermostats, in particular, have become a big part of the business these days. They certainly deserve some attention if you’re looking at redoing the thermostat in your home or business. These thermostats give you the freedom to set a schedule, which can help you to save power by reducing the amount of HVAC usage during times when you’re not in the building.

Replacing your existing thermostat with one of these is easy and it could pay for itself quickly. Remote thermostat sensors are another good option, so you’ll want to look at them if you plan on managing multiple facilities at the same time.

Over time, other parts of your thermostat might wear out as well, so you’ll also want to consider investing in some thermostats with sensors too.

Thermostat Replacement Parts

Installing a simple temperature sensor, like those from Schneider Electric, is a great way to ensure that your thermostat actually knows exactly what the temperature is. If you have a faulty sensor, then it might think that it’s actually warmer or cooler than it really is. On one hand, this could make it so that your HVAC system never turns on.

An even more concerning scenario is one where the equipment simply goes on all of the time and wears itself out, in the process wasting you quite a bit of energy. By investing in a few simple thermostat replacement parts, you can be sure that your furnace and AC equipment functions the way that you intended for years to come. Best of all, many of these repairs are quite easy.

Swap Out Your Heating And Cooling Sensors

Do you have a thermostat sensor that’s begun to behave badly? If so, then you’ll want to replace it with one of these fine-quality parts. Take a few moments to look over the equipment that you currently have in your stock and see if there’s anything else that needs to be swapped out.

Install Energy-Saving Thermostats From Furnace Part Source

We’ve put together a collection of parts from all of these brands and others at Furnace Part Source. That means you shouldn’t have any difficulty getting the class of components that you need to get your HVAC system under control.

Once you have, make sure to contact us online. Our team at Furnace Part Source will help you get what you need to get toasty or cool again.