Having been around in the industry since 1847, Siemens is more than a household name. They’re a brand that countless HVAC technicians rely on every single day to ensure that their installations work exactly like they expected. The offerings they provide run the gamut from the smallest HVAC components to large institution-sized parts, which means that almost everyone can have their needs met merely by looking through their catalog.

Siemens Furnace Products

Our team has put together a large collection of efficient Siemens components for your team’s consideration. Take a look to see which parts will fit your machine and repair jobs.

Due in no small part to their corporate longevity, you can find everything from a Siemens radiator thermostat to a full-sized bulb shield. Jot down any specific needs you might have and put them into the search box because there’s a good chance that the HVAC Siemens marque will have exactly what you’re looking for. Those who are working on replacing existing Siemens HVAC parts will want to start by taking note of the reorder or model number so that they can find precisely that part.

In doing so, each Siemens radiator thermostat or transmitter component will have the correct fitment for the equipment in question. As a result, the amount of effort needed during the installation process would be remarkably reduced. You may want to start by looking at their line of actuators, since these are popular and reliable devices.

Siemens SFA71U

Each SFA71U actuator is designed according to the same general pattern. This device offers a 24V adapter, so you can interface it with standard HVAC equipment. In most cases, the SFA71U should serve as a drop-in replacement. Since there have been no major changes to size or fitment over the years, you can normally trust that these will be easy to swap in and out among one another.

Zoned HVAC systems should prove compatible with the SFA71U system, since it features built-in support for them. Those who do have to re-engineer some portion of their existing installation should still find that it takes far less work to get up and running with one of these than most competing technologies.

Siemens Thermostats

Any 40-90°F Seimens thermostat should provide more than enough of a resolution of temperatures for most people. Few buildings would need to be set anywhere outside of this range. High-end HVAC switches and other related components make assembling a system based around this kind of technology a breeze. While some planning might still be required, you won’t have to dedicate a great deal of time to ensuring the fitment of all the pieces involved.

Since they use the same general hookups that you’d find on any thermostat, those provided by Siemens are installed the same way. No additional tools are needed. A simple screwdriver and a few other standard pieces are enough to swap out an existing thermostat with one of these new ones. Existing devices simply have to be pulled back from the wall.

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