Otherwise known as "Nortek Global," Nordyne HVAC is a world-renowned source for heating and cooling products throughout the globe. Here at Furnace Part Source, we stock the latest and most efficient solutions that Nordyne have to offer, from top of the line switch parts, to run capacitors, and more. Browse through our incredible collection today!

Here at Furnace Part Source, we stock the latest and most efficient solutions that Nordyne have to offer. They range from top of the line switch parts to run capacitors, and more tools for heating and cooling your home.

Browse through our incredible collection today! We have special shipping deals and discounts on certain items. See if you can take advantage of our shipping policies and ask for recommendations, especially with discontinued items.

Heater Kits For Your Split System

The Nordyne # 922525 Heater Kit is one of our choices for when you need a heater kit or lack a furnace for colder weather. It has an easy installation, which makes it suitable for repairs and replacements.

Nordyne Pressure Switches

We have made sure to have the proper Nordyne -0.20″PF SPST Pressure Switch # 922486. You will receive this direct replacement when ordering it for your gas furnace. This switch works for the following Nordyne parts: 632212, 6322120, 632124, 6321240, 632385 and 632427. It is versatile and efficient.

Fan Motors For Your Air Circulation

Another good option for a replacement is the Nordyne -01-0162 1/3HP 1075RPM Fan Condenser Motor from Nordyne. Condenser motors are meant to assist with fans in air conditioning and heat pumps. With proper installation and mounting, replacing this condenser will save on repair costs when your systems stop working.

Your Source For Nordyne Parts

A company established in 1919, Nordyne has been delivering high-quality HVAC and furnace parts to companies throughout the world for almost a century, from their location in St Louis. Nordyne has used their decades of experience to deliver intuition and innovation to home comfort, creating the very first central air system for trailers, and the first ducted application of inverter tech.

When it comes to expert performance and reliability, it’s hard to get much better than the components you get from Nordyne. That’s why at Furnace Part Source, we ensure that our customers have access to a huge collection of Nordyne products, all the way from dual capacitors to fan motors. We take care to find series that customers need and are rare, to make sure you have access to them.

Make Your Air Conditioning Highly Efficient With Furnace Part Source

Whatever you need, you can find it with Furnace Part Source. With more than 500,000 products to choose from, same-day shipping, and international delivery, we’ll always put your furnace needs first. We keep up to date on products that have been discontinued. Our specialists stock suitable replacements or parts you won’t find in other stores.

Contact us today to get started. From air conditioners to heating systems, Furnace Part Source will provide the energy efficiency that you need. From the Nordyne manufacturers to our store, you will always have the right tool for airflow.