Valve Bodies

Valve Bodies

You can't expect anything to hold together without a core, and HVAC valve bodies are no different. Technicians from the heating and air industry use these components to build sophisticated connectors that enable users to switch parts of their system on or off. Without them, there would be no way to customize the flow levels into a given part of any HVAC system.


HVAC Valve Body Dimensions

Perhaps no other factor is as important to valve body fitment as their dimensions. The physical size of an individual body will dictate whether or not it can fit into a given area. Header space can start to look like prime real estate in the cramped conditions that are common in many utility rooms, and even a few tenths of an inch can be difficult to get your hands on.

Thread Size

Thread size is equally important. How big the screw threads are, as well as the direction they run in, are the primary determinants of what kind of valve a certain body is meant to fit. In order to prevent technicians from using a piece that doesn't match the right pressure setting for a given place, engineering teams have tried to make each valve fit only inside of air circuits that they're compatible with.

Pressure Settings

While you'll still need to check out the pressure settings before picking out a specific part, this does go a long way toward making the decision much easier. Commercial organizations that provide HVAC support for outside clients will especially appreciate this fact. They won't have to worry about carrying a number of identical HVAC valve bodies that might not be able to hold up against the kind of pressures common in some larger enterprise-grade furnace systems. In these situations, fitment is often the biggest concern.

Ensuring That Valve Bodies Fit

Nearly every component in the HVAC industry is designed with exacting specifications in mind. In order to ensure that any one you purchase can serve as a drop-in replacement for something you're working on, it's best if you can track down a component with an identical service number. Barber-Colman operators, for instance, may want to select something that starts with VB, which indicates valve body. Consider the fact that each of the following devices has similar numbers: #VB-7223-0-4-9, #VB-7213-0-4-11, #VB-7213-0-4-10 and #VB-7213-0-4-8.

Visual inspections will not show much difference between any of these, meaning you probably couldn't easily distinguish them without taking a closer look. Those who use Barber-Coleman equipment will be able to easily fit them into their existing gear, however. Engineers associated with the brand make sure that each of these components is capable of interfacing with all of the devices that came before them.

Refine Your Air Conditioning With Furnace Part Source

Original equipment manufacturers have brought any number of HVAC valve bodies into the space. As a result, it can be a little difficult to track down the exact part you need. Our team here at Furnace Part Source has gathered all the information it takes to pick out the perfect piece for your installation.

Learn more about all of the various HVAC valve bodies on the market today. Reach out by contacting us online at Furnace Part Source. Trust our experts to perfect your air flow.

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