Furnace actuators are complicated but crucial parts of an air system. Each one generates mechanical force within an HVAC system with regular rotations. Also called blend door or HVAC actuators for some devices, they are an essential aspect of any HVAC maintenance or optimization project.

Circulating Fresh Air

At Furnace Part Source, we stock actuators for every home comfort project. These devices convert energy within your furnace or air conditioning system into motion. This helps to support the operation of dampers, valves, and fans throughout the system, by creating controlled reactions to a burst of electricity, liquid, or air, depending on the system involved.

HVAC Actuators For Furnace And Air Conditioners

At Furnace Part Source, we stock a wide selection of actuator solutions for your heating and cooling projects. We curate control system components from some of the biggest brands around the world, including ASCO, Carrier, and Honeywell.

HVAC Industry Highlights

Our goal is to provide exactly the products that you need, including a Belimo AMX120-SR 120V 180# Mod Actuator. We carry different models to benefit you.

Browse through our collection or reach out to our team for advice on choosing the part that’s right for you. See which items qualify for our discounts or shipping deals; most even come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Damper Actuator

Damper actuators are designed for multiple HVAC applications. They can attach to HVAC dampers and control them. HVAC specialists use damper actuator signals for reducing energy costs and maintaining good air quality.

Asco is one brand that makes damper actuators, while belonging to the Emerson family. They have entire departments dedicated to combustion, which make safety a high priority.

How Damper Actuators Work In HVAC Systems

Products are designed to handle potentially hazardous situations and reduce the danger for any people involved. The Asco AH2E101A4 24V Actuator comes with a Damper Arm and has a high-flow capability.

Some of these models require two-position operation of dampers and valves, meaning they return to their original position in the case of power cutoffs. This fail-safe improves accurate control of airflow.

HVAC System Actuators With Variable Air Volume

Variable air volume allows a building to control air flow and reduce energy costs. Such HVAC systems aim for cost-optimized control of zones. These zones may include individual rooms, corridors, or stairwells.

Actuators like the 861P1-B-1-1 01 AIR-O-MOTOR 11″6/30 from Honeywell can demonstrate such control. They may have digital sensors that log temperature data, using it to make adjustments for climate control.

Furnace Actuator Parts

Actuators have different moving parts to handle air flow. Some are as simple as valves, like the Barber-Coleman #MA-418. This valve operates at 120 volts and is best for dampers with two-position as well as horizontal mounting. It also has easy installation.

How Do Furnace Actuators Work

Most of the actuators in furnaces are electromagnetic. They’re used in damper and blower operating systems, opening and closing the vents required to move hot and cold air around a home.

When a thermostat asks for heat, the actuator drives the damper into an open position. Once the correct temperature has been achieved, the actuator can de-energize, and the main burners ignite.

How To Stay Efficient With An HVAC Actuator

People like automatic zone dampeners because they contribute to energy savings. Thedevices ensure that the dampers remain closed when the furnace is not in use. They use low voltage to either fully open or close the dampers. This system can reduce your fuel and power costs significantly.

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