Actuators are a complicated mechanical device and an important aspect in any HVAC maintenance or optimization project. These devices work by converting energy within your furnace or air conditioning system, into motion. This helps to support the operation of dampers, valves, and fans throughout the system, by creating controlled reactions to a burst of electricity, liquid, or air, depending on the system involved. At Furnace Part Source, we stock actuators for every home comfort project.

Actuators for Furnace Operation

Most of the actuators in furnaces are electromagnetic, and they're used in damper and blower operating systems, opening and closing the vents required to move hot and cold air around a home. When a thermostat asks for heat, the actuator drives the damper into an open position. Once the right temperature has been achieved, the actuator can de-energize, and the main burners ignite.

At Furnace Part Source, we stock a wide selection of actuator solutions for your heating and cooling projects, from some of the biggest brands around the world, including ASCO, Carrier, and Honeywell. Browse through our collection or reach out to our team for advice on choosing the part that's right for you.