HVAC Motor

If your HVAC motors fail, replacing them is crucial. Motors serve as the electrical powerhouse for your systems so that blowers can circulate air. Industrial and commercial motors have higher capacities to handle energy demands. They also have varying levels of torque depending on the application, with high torque required for blower application.

HVAC Electric Motor Options

HVAC motors are specifically designed for particular applications. Please browse our selection of motor options for HVAC applications. You may qualify for specific shipping deals or discounts. Look at the different brands that we carry.

Motors Used In HVAC Systems

Replacing an electric motor can be a daunting task. There are so many different electric motors on the market that it can be hard to know which one will solve your current system error. We go through the basic types of electric motors, and what applications serve them best.

Induction Motors

The most common electric motor used in HVAC systems is the induction motor. An induction motor is a type of electric motor that uses an electric current to create a rotating magnetic field. This rotating field then “induces” currents in the rotor, causing it to rotate.

Induction motors are durable and efficient, making them popular for many HVAC applications. Items like the Daikin-McQuay Motor 973 1/4HP 277V 3-Speed Blower Motor can maintain consistent blower speed.

Split Phase Motors

Split phase motors are electric motors that use two coils or windings. One winding is used to start the motor, while the other winding runs the motor. Split phase motors are often used in air conditioners, as they are able to start quickly and run at a low speed. Carrier is the HD60FK655 3.7HP 3-Phase Motor, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality.

Permanent Split Capacitor PSC Motors

Permanent split capacitor motors, or PSC motors, are electric motors that use two capacitors. One capacitor is used to start the motor, while the other capacitor is used to run the motor. PSC motors are known for being energy-efficient and have a long lifespan. You will often see PSC motors in refrigeration or condenser coil applications.

Shaded Pole Motors

Shaded pole motors are electric motors that have a copper or aluminum “shading ring” around the poles of the stator. The shading ring creates a delay in the magnetic field, causing the rotor to rotate. Shaded pole motors are often used in small fans or blowers. One good example of such a motor is the 246 16W 115V 1500 RPM from Century Motors.

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