Pilot Burners

Gas-fired equipment often needs to have pilot burners in order to keep a pilot light on so that the furnace can light whenever called upon. These pilot burners are therefore an extremely important component that could cause system failure if not kept in good working order. Replacing a pilot burner is often the only way to restore functionality to a machine that simply will not ignite.

Doing so requires that the HVAC system is put into a safe state and it also requires that you have a component that’s exchangeable for the existing part. While the days of traditional like-for-like replacements might have gone by the wayside in light of new technological developments, there’s a good chance that a high degree of fitment can be ascertained by investing in one of these pieces of equipment.

Correct Fitment For Pilot Burners

Assuring the right fitment for the pieces in question is vital to ensure proper functionality of the underlying machinery. Take a few moments to see if you can’t get a reorder number off of the current pilot burner that you have installed in your furnace.

The size and shape of the necessary module might change somewhat based on the type of fuel that you’re using for your furnace. For instance, separate natural gas and LP pilot burners are available in order to ensure the greatest degree of fitment for the widest number of potential use cases.

Mounting brackets as well as assembly parts are needed to then hold the pilot burners in place. These normally fit on an armature or other block that helps to hold them in place. By ensuring that the equipment is properly fitted into this block, you can trust that the gear in question will be able to hold up against repeated cycles being switched on and off.

When you replace the pilot burner, keep this in mind because you might have to redo other portions of the assembly. As soon as you have the HVAC system in a safe shutdown position that allows you to explore the current configuration, you shouldn’t have much difficulty assessing the current condition.

Fortunately, there are replacement parts available even if you happen to be dealing with a piece of gear that’s suffered multiple points of failure. Keep the overall dimensions in mind as you start to perform work on the afflicted area.

Professional HVAC teams often need to do work on multiple pieces of equipment. The demand is why it’s so important to invest in sufficient numbers of replacement parts for the job at hand.

Service A Set Of Pilot Burners With Furnace Part Source

The crew here at the Furnace Part Source has done their best to ensure that everyone has access to pilot burners that broadly fit the kind of gear they’re working with. You may want to consider ordering additional components in order to ensure that you don’t run into any notable shortages.

Furnace Parts Source can help you find just the right component for the job. Make sure to contact our team online and we’ll get you more information on what types of parts might best work with the installation type.