Furnace Coils

A coil in your furnace might not seem like an essential component at first glance, but it can have a significant impact on your home comfort and your ability to control heating and cooling systems. The coils in an HVAC machine, for example, can maintain the efficiency of your heating mechanisms and determine how much energy your system needs to use to achieve a specific temperature within your home.

Evaporator Coils

No other type of component so greatly typifies the same category here as the evaporator coil. This coil is an unsung hero attached to air conditioning and heat pump systems. They’re found either on top of or beneath furnaces, and they allow the system to transfer heat. Such a transfer, in turn, improves the overall comfort of your living quarters.

These coils are positioned inside of air handlers. Or they might even be attached to the furnace directly. Regardless of configuration, these devices work well alongside condenser coils.

Nordyne evaporator coils, and the many pieces of equipment that work like them, are collectively designed to support multiple hardware configurations. The versatility is essential for individuals and HVAC technicians who are trying to find drop-in solutions.

Take down the part number and the dimensions to ensure proper fitment. The fitting has gotten significantly easier as a result of good cataloging practices.

Condenser Coils

No other type of HVAC coil is as iconic as the condenser coil. They’re very visible on the backs of refrigeration units. Since they’re usually fairly accessible, one can replace them

You may want to swap these out whenever you put in a new compressor. Or you may prefer installing a new housing on top of an existing unit.

Fortunately, these devices are more than durable in many instances. Such durability means that they’ll hold up once you have them in place. That’s good news for those who are rebuilding a complete HVAC system and want to be sure that they’re ready to use their system over the long term.

Heater Coils

Over time, engineers have developed multiple solutions that constitute what is considered modern heater coils. Some are essentially electrical resistors, which inhibit the flow of power and generate heat in the process.

This process is how small electrical heaters work, and more efficient models are standard inside full-scale electric furnaces. The design of this equipment and the end purpose have given rise to the term heating element, though that phrase could technically refer to a wide variety of devices.

In an electrical system, the heating coils would naturally be one of the biggest if not the most significant users of electrical power attached to the overall HVAC installation. As a result, it’s essential to keep an eye on the type and age of coils currently connected.

Those dealing with older gear might want to consider replacing them to drop their energy costs. The use of electricity was much greater since efficiency wasn’t necessarily the most important consideration when designing the originals.

Some HVAC technicians are starting to replace a majority of the coils attached to specific in-place units. This decision would improve the quality of the equipment and reduce the amount of energy that they consume.

Boosting Efficiency With Furnace Coils

Heating coils in a furnace or HVAC system are simple enough to understand. When the machine is in heating mode, the electric or gas burner coils activate as a heat exchanger element pushes warm air through the furnace with the help of the blower fan. In a well-maintained system, this heated air simply moves through the passages in the evaporator coil of your HVACmore accessible and into the supply ducts.

Of course, if the heating coils or the evaporator coils on your system aren’t working as they should be, then your whole machine can begin to malfunction. This malfunction means that you can’t achieve the temperature you want or that you can only reach the right level of comfort by using excessive amounts of energy.

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