A coil in your furnace might not seem like an essential component at first glance, but it can have a huge impact on your home comfort, and your ability to control heating and cooling systems. The coils in an HVAC machine, for example, can control the efficiency of your heating mechanisms, and determine how much energy your system needs to use to achieve a specific temperature within your home. At Furnace Part Source, we stock a collection of incredible coils, perfect for any home renovation or maintenance project.

Boosting Efficiency with Furnace Coils

Heating coils in a furnace or HVAC system are simple enough to understand. When the machine is in heating mode, the electric or gas burner coils activate as a heat exchanger element pushes warm air through the furnace with the help of the blower fan. In a well-maintained system, this heated air simply moves through the passages in the evaporator coil of your HVAC, and into the supply ducts.

Of course, if the heating coils or the evaporator coils on your system aren't working as they should be, then your whole machine can begin to malfunction, meaning that you can't achieve the temperature you want, or that you can only reach the right level of comfort by using excessive amounts of energy. At Furnace Part Source, we stock coil solutions to help you solve any HVAC problem as quickly as possible. Plus, you can enjoy same-day shipping throughout the US, Canada, and beyond!