An HVAC system needs the proper air conditioning or ac compressor to cool your home correctly. These compressors remove heat from incoming air, circulating the refrigerant throughout an established circuit. Without the right compressor, your HVAC system couldn't properly cool your home.

What Does An AC Compressor Do?

The average heating and cooling system have multiple parts and components that work together to help provide you with the highest possible level of home comfort. Often, furnaces work alongside your air-conditioner, using elements like compressors to circulate refrigerant throughout your evaporator coils and expel hot air outdoors.

AC Compressor Replacement

Please view our selection of air conditioning compressors. Some may qualify for shipping deals or discounts.

Armstrong AC Compressors

Armstrong is one of our reliable brands for this. We like the Armstrong R38867B005 as an example of a prime model from the brand. Other options include Carrier and Copeland. We list several options from those brands below.

Please note that R22 models are being phased out gradually, but we still sell them. R22 is a refrigerant type of freon, a gas affecting the Earth’s ozone layer. If you buy a compressor that uses R22, make sure that you have an EPA-certified technician installing it.

Carrier Compressors

One model that we can recommend is the Carrier R22 Compressor. After 2020, new models that use R22 won’t be sold, but the freon will be. The prices will increase.

How Air Conditioning Compressors Work

Air compressors work to remove heat from a system. They do so with a refrigerant; refrigerant is a liquid converted into a gas. This conversion ensures that the refrigerant absorbs the hot air from within a designated area.

A return air duct welcomes the warm air leaving a room. The refrigerant evaporates into vapor, extracting the heat. It then goes through an insulated pipe towards the compressor. The vapor is about fifty degrees Fahrenheit at this point.

Compressors are located in the outdoor condenser unit. The device compresses the refrigerant by reducing the space between the molecules before it leaves through the condenser coils. This compression pressurizes the vapor, increasing the temperature to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

How To Tell If An AC Compressor Is Bad?

Several red flags indicate when you need to replace the compressor. While you can conduct repairs in some circumstances, serious issues may require investing in a new unit.

A bad AC will trip your circuit breaker regularly. Circuit breakers conduct this function in the case of fire hazards. If you see the flips switching too often, that can indicate the air conditioning’s compressor is failing.

If you feel no air from the vents, that can also indicate failure. Since the compressor is the heart of your air conditioning and pumps air through circulation, a lack of cool air can indicate a problem if you know your ducts are not clogged.

Upgrade Your HVAC System With The Right AC Compressor

A compressor is just one of the many components in an HVAC system that works to give you the versatility that you need when it comes to choosing the perfect temperature for your family. After you’ve selected the right heat on your thermostat, your compressor is the part that maneuvers both hot and cold air around your heating and cooling system, dispensing cool air into the property, and sending warm air outside through an exterior vent.

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