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Furnace Elements

When you use the term “element” to refer to a component within your furnace or HVAC system, there’s a good chance you’re talking about the heating element. This component group determines how hot, or cool your home can be at any given time.

Your furnace heating element is controlled by your HVAC thermostat. You can also find it in gas or electric furnaces as well as water heaters. It’s the part that helps your furnace to warm your home during winter, or those cold autumn days.


Electric Heating Elements

Testing electric furnace elements is something that HVAC technicians are very familiar with. Changing a mobile home furnace heating element becomes second nature to many HVAC professionals; even though this is a part that is built to last, it will need to be changed at some point because it can only handle intense heat generation for so long.

The high temperatures that furnace elements produce from electrical currents eventually take a toll on their metal structures. It makes them one of the most commonly replaced parts in electric heaters.

Furnace Heating Elements

For the most part, heating elements are pretty simple parts consisting of pipes and coils, but they are far from standard. At the Furnace Part Source, we take pride in stocking dozens of elements for electric air and water heater units. Our heating element catalog includes parts that are commonly used as well as some that are hard to find. We also stock Kanthal heating elements here!

Rheem UV12892

This element will fit the popular Rheem 20-gallon water heaters rated at 2,000 watts. The part ships are complete with the O-ring, which should last about six years along with the element. Since there is no minimum order requirement when you shop from our catalog, so you can order just one of these parts if you need to do so immediately.

Nordyne 903905

This electric heater element will fit many Intertherm and Nordyne furnaces, including the following machines:


* FEBA-012HA

* FEBB-012HA

* E2EB-012HA

* E2EB012HA

The assembly of this Nordyne element consists of two coils running along a structure held together by a front mounting plate measuring 9.25″ by 3″· The bracket extends 11″ from the mounting plate, and it can be easily attached to the furnace body thanks to the various screw holes drilled on the front, top, and bottom.

A.O. Smith 9004714115

This is a thermostat for A.O. Smith water heaters with three-wire assemblies and immersion or wraparound elements, generally the 59T and 66T units. Please note that this thermostat replacement can also be used in some older Kenmore water heaters that were later branded as A.O. Smith, particularly on the West Coast. For all practical purposes, the original equipment manufacturer for this part is A.O. Smith.

Johnson Controls SEP81A-601R

This combination coil and valve assembly is a Johnson Controls part that typically lasts as long as the water heater itself, but it may need to be changed every couple of decades, and it is not known to be a part that is easy to find.

HVAC Heating Elements

A heating element for your HVAC system or furnace prioritizes circulation. They need to pump hot air through the regions in the house that receive heating. You need to replace them when heated air no longer flows, and a part stops working.

Armstrong Furnace R602884-02 Flue Cover

Furnace flues prioritize transporting toxic exhaust from an area to the outside. You will see these more often in gas-powered furnaces. A flue cover serves as a cap, to control the distribution of this refuse so that it doesn’t affect residents.

Element Heating Materials

Look for Nichrome material used in the coils. It has eighty percent nickel and twenty percent chromium. The alloy has low susceptibility to oxidation, meaning that it will last longer.

Furnaces often have a high heat threshold. Nichrome is a good material because it can reach thresholds of more than 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Let Furnace Part Source Help You Find The Right Component For Your Gas Or Electric Heating System

At Furnace Part Source, we have a wide selection of gas or electric furnace elements that you can choose from to upgrade, or repair your heating system. Our inventory technicians and customer service representatives know that elements can sometimes be difficult to navigate. Since 2006, we have been helping HVAC technicians with the parts and equipment they need to make their jobs easier.

Should you run into problems locating the right heating element or other parts for your project, or if you have questions about our shipping policies and how we handle orders, please contact our office today. Furnace Part Source will list the ideal manufacturers to provide a repair or replacement component.