Blower Wheels

There are a lot of elements that go into ensuring an HVAC system works perfectly, including motors, wires, and of course, wheels. The wheels in your furnace are the moving components that help to generate energy and distribute heat around your property. Without them, your entire furnace would struggle to function as it should, leaving your family and you in a state of discomfort.

In our exceptional collection of products, sourced from the top manufacturers around the world, you'll find a huge collection of reliable wheels, made with a variety of materials for a range of different applications. We offer everything from blower wheels, to fan wheels, inducer wheels, and more.

HVAC Blower Wheels

In most blower wheel arrangements, a centrifugal fan takes energy from the impeller motor to increase the total amount of air moving in a system. This, in turn, acts against any resistance that's caused by your home's duct work as well as the dampers and all of the other parts of your HVAC system. In general, centrifugal fans will displace air radially in much the same way that a traditional house fan might. This changes the flow of air by around 90° or so.

Blowers then use the centrifugal force from the impellers' rotating to increase the amount of kinetic energy possessed by air and gas. When these rotate, the gases in your air mix near the impellers are thrown off and move into the casing of the fan. Sometimes you'll hear of the blower wheels referred to as part of a squirrel cage or some other creative name. These are somewhat technical terms that HVAC technicians have come up with over the years to describe them based on their shape.

If you take a look at a Daikin McQuay wheel, then you'll probably see where this name came from. While it might sound a bit odd, it does make some sense and as you might imagine a failure of the blower wheel would cause severe problems for the rest of your system. Fortunately, there's a collection of replacement parts out there that you could use to repair this before it turns into something worse.

Carrier Blower Wheels

Indoor fan wheels are available for Carrier-branded equipment as well as Trane-branded furnace assemblies. These are usually numbered regardless of the actual brand of HVAC system that they're designed to fit.

As a result of this numbering scheme, you shouldn't find it too difficult to match a specific part to your furnace. You might want to consider the dimensions, especially when picking out a specific new blower wheel housing, but the actual numerical classifications should help to make the selection process that much similar. This is especially true if you possess a later model furnace system.

Furnace Blower Wheel Replacement

In some cases, you may only need to replace a portion of the blower wheel while in others you'll want to swap out the entire unit. Take a few moments to figure out which parts have worn out. Naturally, you can't go wrong replacing the entire module, especially if it hasn't ever been done in the past.

Over time, all parts connected to HVAC systems start to break down and eventually you'll get to a point where the device will no longer function as intended. This is especially true of furnaces that operate in cooler climates and therefore get quite a bit more work. Blower wheels and motor assemblies that have been subjected to a substantial amount of usage will have shorter lifespans and should be replaced. Fortunately, heavy duty parts will often outlast the original ones.

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