Honeywell Flame Safeguard Controls

Honeywell Flame Safeguard Controls

Honeywell flame safeguard controls are designed to offer functionality, safety, and efficiency within both commercial and industrial applications. At Furnace Part Source, our selection of flame amplifiers, electromechanical parts, and accessories from Honeywell are all tested to the highest quality standards, and sourced from verified Honeywell suppliers. Browse through the collection today to find the component that suits your needs.


Honeywell Flame Controls

Burners feature flames that have to be maintained within some certain specification to ensure the proper functioning of any furnace. In order to do so, these burners need to be controlled using some method. Honeywell has developed a wide range of products that do just that by either manipulating the flame itself or, alternatively, dialing back the amount of fuel that the flame receives.

Either of these two types of solutions are quite attractive in a variety of circumstances. Safety is the most important application, which is why the brand has worked especially hard to bring safeguard systems to market.

Flame Safeguard Systems

Purge time cards, down to two seconds in terms of accuracy, are an excellent way to limit the amount of operation that a furnace has to go through. In turn, this can help to drastically improve the overall safety of the design.

More generous 7-second and 40-second designs may be used in situations where the operation of a particular part isn’t as critical to the overall mission of the HVAC system in question.

Those looking for a higher tech solution to this kind of problem might want to look into something like a keyboard display module in order to take a more hands-on approach to operating the equipment in question.

Honeywell r75-58

The storied R-75-58 is a common flame sensing component from Honeywell,. This componeng offers a great method to control and manipulate the operation of oil-fired burners. Those who install one can operate both the burner itself as well as the oil valve using it, which provides a degree of fine control that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy.

Heat Within Industrial Boilers

Those who use this sort of part will still need to sense whether or not there’s heat in the furnace. Heat and flow ensure the correct operation of the equipment in question.

R7248A1004 infrared amplifiers are designed to raise the overall amount of invisible light detected by any piece of equipment. In contrast, C7915A1036 detectors work in tandem. They ensure that there’s a steady flow of data regarding the current situation at hand.

Those who regularly operate oil-fired furnaces can normally trust that the input they’re getting from these components are accurate, since they have a relatively high degree of accuracy. Considering the mission criticality of these kinds of applications, that’s good news for anyone who finds themselves working with commercial or industrial HVAC installations.

Once these parts are in place, you won’t have to give any conscious thought to their operation. They more or less function autonomously, which helps to ensure reliability. There’s no room for human error to enter the equation once the equipment is functioning in this manner. You won’t run into any situations where a piece of gear might be failing just because someone set a configuration setting the wrong way.

Choosing Your Honeywell Flame Safeguard Controls

Our comprehensive selection of Honeywell Flame Safeguard Control solutions is designed to maintain the security and performance of your furnace system. These unique parts can offer peace of mind and efficiency when you’re looking to get more out of your heating performance.

Implement Burner Control With Furnace Part Source

At Furnace Part Source, we offer a wide range of exceptional products. Such components include infra-red detector parts, keyboard display modules, and UV Sensor parts. Our Honeywell Flame Safeguard collection even includes flame amplifiers which respond to ultraviolet, optical, and infrared signals to enhance the performance of your furnace. Remember, we offer same-day shipping on a wide selection of products.

Browse through our options of purge time cards, amplifier parts, and terminals today to find the component you need. Or reach out to one of our customer service representatives for help. The crew here at Furnace Part Source is committed to bringing together as many of their fine products as possible. Get your parts as fast as we can.

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