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Dampers and other valves that open and shut regularly need some kinematic chain to actuate properly. Linkages offer a chain organized into a convenient module that provides a degree of motion along a particular axis. At least one link in the said chain is fixed in place while the others move around the structure to restrict the movement while the object is undergoing some actuation.

Almost every HVAC installation that includes dedicated damper modules must incorporate a mechanical linkage to some degree. Interested parties are encouraged to browse through our entire catalog. They're also invited to read up more on this often-overlooked topic in the heating and cooling industry.

Operating Principles Behind Linkage

Depending on the demands of the HVAC system in place, linkage can be made from an open or closed chain. Engineers and technicians are increasingly combining these two technologies to make their chains capable of transferring more power than they would be able to if they merely used one or the other technology.

Entirely stationary linkage is usually called a chain structure. This is often found in fixed applications where operators must have a constant reference point each time the device moves back and forth. Another linkage isn't locked into one position, so it can fluctuate as needed. 

What Do Dampers Require?

Dampers have to shut and reopen regularly, especially if designed to do so automatically. By making the linkage relatively easy to move, it's possible to simplify this process considerably while cutting the risk of sudden equipment failures.

Even in the most flexible systems, the linkage will only operate out of specification, provided it's correctly maintained. Once it starts working in a way inconsistent with its labeling, it needs to undergo replacement. That's where modules supplied by some of the top HVAC brands come into play.

Replacing Existing Linkage Modules

The best part is that modern damper systems incorporate linkages designed with future replacements in mind. That's not to say that they suffer from any design flaw that makes them need to be replaced so much as they're made with interchangeable parts in mind. Honeywell Q605G1009 linkage sets are always synonymous with one another, for instance. These offer operators the freedom to replace them with like parts anytime.

Honeywell 312867H MP909B linkage assemblies provide a similar degree of easy replacement by ensuring that each component is made with exacting tolerances. By keeping every single one down to precise machining dimensions, there's usually no difficulty involving a part that won't fit. Honeywell's design engineers also applied this logic to the Q5020C1009 linkage box, which has helped quite a few people install it more quickly than they thought possible.

Find Your Ideal Linkages At Furnace Part Source

Members of the Furnace Part Source are always on the lookout for new types of linkages. We stay on top of the latest innovations in heating and cooling solutions.

Contact the Furnace Part Source team online for more information about the kinds of linkages being brought to market today. Let us pair you with the proper HVAC connections.