Globe Valves

Globe Valves

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The "globe valve" in your HVAC is a motion valve that's designed to regulate, stop, or start the flow of liquid throughout the system. Essentially, they give you the versatility and range you need when handling boiler function and radiators to ensure that you always have complete control over your interior comfort and environment. At Furnace Part Source, we stock a wide collection of globe valves to choose from.


Managing Flow with Reliable Globe Valves

Globe valves are essential in helping homeowners and commercial property owners alike take control of the heating and cooling within their properties. Without working globe valves, you might notice heat builds up in certain rooms, followed by problems with your HVAC system in other areas around the house. Unfortunately, over time, these components can sometimes become worn and damaged.

Whether you're repairing an old system, updating a modern HVAC machine, or simply replacing damaged valves, Furnace Part Source is sure to have the piece that's right for you. Our broad selection of globe valves makes it easier for customers to track down the low-price answer to their furnace problems. What's more, we also offer same-day shipping to homes across the USA, Canada and around the globe.