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Gas Valves

Gas valves are the devices that HVAC manufacturers and installation experts use to ensure safety and security in residential, or commercial settings. Gas valves help to control the flow of gas within a system, ensuring that everything runs according to plan. At Furnace Part Source, we find and stock the most reliable gas valves, from the best brands around the country, to give you performance that you can trust.

Whether you're looking for diaphragm gas valves that contain a valve and actuator in a single body, or you need a solution in the form of combustion gas valves, you can find everything you're looking for here at Furnace Part Source. We provide burner tubes, furnace valves, main burner assembly parts, slow open kits, and more.

As any expert knows, a great heating system can only be built with the best possible parts. At Furnace Part Source, we combine exceptional customer service with great prices and quick delivery, to give you the ultimate HVAC solution. Browse our range of gas valves today!