Gas Valves

Gas valves are the devices that HVAC manufacturers and installation experts use to ensure safety and security in residential, or commercial settings. Gas valves help to control the flow of gas within a system, ensuring that everything runs according to plan. At Furnace Part Source, we find and stock the most reliable gas valves, from the best brands around the country, to give you performance that you can trust.

Furnace Gas Valves

Whether you’re looking for diaphragm gas valves that contain a valve and actuator in a single body, or you need a solution in the form of combustion gas valves, you can find everything you’re looking for here at Furnace Part Source. We provide burner tubes, furnace gas valves, main burner assembly parts, slow open kits, and more. Our parts can handle gas in boilers, commercial water heaters, and heating systems. For that reason, we recommend that you peruse the various options for repair and replacement.

As any expert knows, an HVAC specialist can only build a great heating system with the best possible parts. At Furnace Part Source, we combine exceptional customer service with great prices and quick delivery, to give you the ultimate HVAC solution.

Furnace Gas Control Valves For Replacement

Standard solenoid valves are used for pneumatic gases; testing gas pressure at the valves is often the first thing HVAC technicians do when they are called in to check on faulty furnaces. Even though these systems are generally built to last, gas furnace valves are the parts more likely to need replacement over the life of the furnace.

For this reason, the Furnace Part Source keeps a wide assortment of valves to fit all major brands as well as systems that are not so common. Below are some of our most popular gas valves; they are offered at wholesale prices and are ready to ship on the spot.

Gas Valve Options

Carrier 327972-754

This valve is for natural gas Carrier furnaces. It is a factory authorized part that includes the manifold and all other pieces needed for complete replacement.

Honeywell Gas Valves

Honeywell Vr8245m2530/U

Honeywell gas valves represent the brand’s dedication to quality. This universal part will fit various Honeywell gas appliances. In the case of Honeywell 24 Vac furnaces, it can handle either natural or liquefied petroleum gas when the adequate conversion kit is used. The current version of this gas valve features a compact design with a rotation radius of about four inches, thus making it easy to reposition as needed even in the tightest spaces.

Laars V0079400

This part will fit the Mighty Therm2 line of combination and natural gas boilers by Teledyne Laars. The V0079400 includes the kit for converting from propane, and it is very inexpensive when considering its durability.

Emerson White Rodgers 36J22-214

Popular Emerson furnaces feature HSI and DSI electronic ignition systems. The 36J22-214 Emerson gas valve provides a one-stage fast opening system that fits into a very compact part for half-inch pipes. This is a straight-flow valve that includes a conversion kit for LP gas.

Maxitrol Selectra M411

The Selectra line of modulator gas valves from Maxitrol feature unique systems for quick temperature control without the need of an actuating motor or butterfly valve. The M411 gas valve will fit half-inch and 3/8″ pipes. Both direct and indirect gas-fired appliances can be regulated with Selectra gas valves.

When To Implement Furnace Gas Valve Replacement

You need to know the signs of when your gas valve is failing. The first is if the valve is receiving an allotted number of volts to open or close — 24 is the standard –and you hear no internal clicking. That’s a sign that it may not be opening or closing.

Always check the wires and coils connected to your valves. Fraying and worn-out connections can interfere with gas valves opening and closing.

Use an electronic gas sniffer to detect leaks. Leaks can be dangerous with the gas’s combustion properties. Assess pressure levels as well to see if the valve may not be working due to improper settings. Unclog your burner orifices and ductwork, since a lack of flow can also be the culprit.

If you have conducted all of these steps and the gas valve is still not working, then replace the valves. Never bang them with any tools to open them because that can risk an explosion.

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When it comes to finding the right parts and equipment for your HVAC equipment needs, you can trust Furnace Part Source’s extensive catalog. Active since 2006, the catalog has more than 500,000 items offered at wholesale prices. You will find exactly what you need to replace control valves and prevent imminent shutoffs.

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