Furnace bearings are a simple, yet crucial part of the HVAC system, intended to keep everything in your device running smoothly for as long as possible. They minimize friction when the fans are blowing, as well as potential noise pollution.

Just like any other mechanical component, the bearings in your furnace can be exposed to a great deal of wear and tear over time, which means they may eventually stop working as they should. Fortunately, at Furnace Part Source, we have a wide collection of new bearings for you to choose from for repairs.

Furnace Blower Bearing Replacement

Browse our selection of furnace bearings from the top-performing brands for heating and cooling systems. See which ones qualify for discounts or special shipping deals. We also try to find discontinued parts, for older or specific systems.

Carrier is one good brand for bearings, through their Carrier Expertise line. The company focuses on quality within each of its products, and convenience. That is why we believe selections such as the Carrier P461-2306 Bearing are an excellent choice for your machine.

Other brands include Lennox for bearings such as the 60M34 7/16″ Bore. Trane is another option, and the brand makes a BRG0128 Bearing Kit for the left hand. There are multiple options for a furnace.

Signs Of HVAC Blower Bearings Failing

Bearings are a component that can be found in numerous sections inside of your furnace or HVAC. The more a bearing is exposed to regular use, the quicker it will begin to wear down. Ideally, a bearing would last for as long as the furnace does, but sometimes they don’t. Poor maintenance can reduce the bearing and furnace lifespan.

Overheating can be one cause of a bearing that fails to work properly. The bearings in question contain a grease for lubrication. If there is too much heat, the oil cooks, so to speak, and cannot function. Then the bearings fall victim to friction.

Keep your ear out for unwanted noises when the furnace is running. The fan should run quietly. The first stage of a failed bearing is when the furnace makes a low humming or grinding noise. If you don’t address it, the second stage becomes high-pitched squealing. The third stage is that the fan stops running entirely.

Always ask a professional or HVAC specialist to replace a bearing. A specialist can identify the source of the noise, and what parts have worn down completely.

Replace Your HVAC Or Furnace Bearings With Selections From Furnace Part Source

At Furnace Part Source, we pride ourselves on stocking one of the most diverse collections of bearings available on the market today. These components, from belt drives to furnace blowers, come from some of the most reliable brands on the market, such as York, Carrier, and Trane.

Whether you’re looking for a cartridge ball bearing, a bearing kit, or rubber rings to secure your bearings in place, we’ve got everything you could need to succeed in your next HVAC project. Browse through our selection today and remember that you can enjoy same day shipping and international delivery on a huge selection of parts and components.