Orifices are some of the simplest parts included within the construction of your furnace or HVAC system. However, just because they're simple doesn't mean they aren't important. Many orifices help to keep everything connected and working as it should. There are also gas furnace orifices that are used to help limit gas flow to the burners, and ensure that your heating remains safe and accurate.

Choosing Your Burner Orifice 

At Furnace Part Source, we stock a broad collection of orifices perfect for any style or type of furnace. From elbow orifices for those tricky pipe bends, to pilot orifices that control the flow of heat within a natural gas system, we've got something for everyone. We even provide water orifices which direct the flow of heated and cooled water within a central heating system.

Whatever kind of orifice you need to ensure the safety and performance of your heating and cooling system, you can rely on Furnace Part Source to deliver high-quality brands, for an exceptional price. From Carrier to Armstrong, to Heil and Lennox, we have many of the biggest names in HVAC under our roof. On top of that, with international delivery and same day shipping, you won't have to worry about waiting weeks for your parts. Start loading up your shopping cart today!

Orifices For The Modern Furnace System

Whether you’re working with new construction or doing any sort of repair and maintenance work, you’re going to want to make sure that you have plenty of supplies of spare parts so you can get the job done. Check out the following list of furnace orifice parts and see just how many pieces you can find. From elbows that let you shift pipes to pilot systems and everything in-between, you’ll be able to get the equipment you need to finish your next major project.

Armstrong LP Pilot Orifice

Homeowners and commercial property managers often install LP-based furnace systems, especially if they’re located in an area that doesn’t have general natural gas service. In some cases, this can actually be considerably more economical than working with electrically fired equipment. In these cases, you’ll want to install LP pilot orifices like this high-quality component from Armstrong so that they’ll have some degree of control over the flow of heat moving within the system.

Heil Quaker LP Orifice 10 Pack

LP orifices are great for those working with liquefied propane-fired systems, but those who do a great deal of maintenance or installation work will often find themselves having to go through a whole bunch of them at a time. If this sounds familiar, then you’ll certainly want to take a look at these 10 packs. They should give you more than enough parts to get the job done even if you have to rework a fair amount of piping.

Lennox Combustion Air Orifice

Heil and Carrier aren’t the only brands you could find authentic OEM parts from. Lennox offers these combustion air orifice modules, which should fit all standard parts that are designed to take them. That can help you drastically reduce the amount of guesswork that you have to do when making an installation. Simply check the dimensions and the part number. Assuming that everything fits you’ll be able to simply swap in the part without any real difficulty.

Carrier Half Union Elbow Orifice

This brand new genuine Carrier elbow orifice is perfect for those who have to insist on authentic OEM parts for every job they do. When you install one of these to get around a tricky pipe bend or another obstacle that you’ve run into during HVAC installation and repair operations, you’ll find that it’s built to the same exacting specifications that all Carrier equipment has been. That’s excellent news for those who expect a strong degree of longevity from every component they work with.

Restrictor Orifice For Inducer

You’ll want to work with a number of other components that support the orifice module itself, which is why these restrictors from Nordyne are so useful. If you plan to complete any kind of assembly construction, then you’ll certainly want to stock up on these kinds of components so you can be sure that you’ll always have everything you need on hand in case you end up getting called to do one more refurb project.

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