Flame Sensors

Flame detectors offer instant responses to heat. Such responses can include the sounding of an alarm, the deactivation of a fuel line, and even the activation of fire suppression systems. They’re extremely flexible devices, which is why HVAC engineers have a tendency to rely on them in a number of different use cases.

Furnace Flame Sensors

Finding the right kind of flame sensor replacement is absolutely vital if you want to restore a malfunctioning system that has a faulty device attached to it. Fortunately, these parts are relatively lightweight and comparatively simple to install. That’s especially true when you hold them up against other components like gas valves used by the interior of any HVAC system.

Here at Furnace Part Source, we’ve done our best to put together a great collection of various furnace ignition flame sensor components. They should suit the needs of the widest variety of potential consumers.

Carrier, Lennox, Rheem & Other Flame Sensors For Your Furnace

We have a wide array of flame sensors that will protect your home. They are designed to shut down furnaces when they don’t sense a flame but the furnace is firing up. You may need a different model if the flame sensor cannot detect heat and shuts down the furnace regardless while it is operating.

Each brand has come out with a series of parts that best suit equipment. Proper fitment is much easier to ascertain when you make sure to properly configure the equipment in question. Also, invest in a component that matches the style of equipment.

Mercury flame sensors are used when a spark lights the pilot application. This spark notifies the machine that they are ready to power up and deliver heat to the main area.

A capillary tube filled with liquid will serve as the signal to open the pilot valve or not; the liquid expands. This expansion forces pressure on the pilot valve. Since mercury is metallic in nature, it can still conduct electricity in spite of its liquid state.

One great example of a mercury flame sensor is the White-Rodgers. We have type #20 for your convenience and can provide a manual for proper installation.

New Flame Sensor Options

Eventually, though, some consumers are going to want to replace these with other types of sensors. Various legal requirements prohibit the sale of housing structures with certain materials and components within them.

Different high-quality brands deliver on flame sensors. A Carrier flame sensor is a worthwhile investment. If you need to upgrade to handle carbon buildup, the LH680534 model is a good option.

A new sensor from Lennox also provides heat control and home comfort. Consider a Lennox flame sensor like the 69W43.

Acquiring a different type of flame sensor replacement is all that’s necessary to get the parts up to spec. Those who use thermostats with mercury in them might want to seek a replacement part as well. They can bring the rest of their structure up to spec too.

When Does Your Furnace Flame Sensor Need Replacement?

You will find the flame sensor generally outside the burner assembly. After turning off the power and closing the gas valve, you can safely remove it to examine more closely. This will help you determine if you have a dirty flame sensor or a broken one. In some cases, a good quality sensor can simply be cleaned to restore the original functionality.

A flame sensor tends to have porcelain insulation. If this porcelain is severely damaged or missing a few pieces, then it’s a sign to make a replacement. You also may want to clean the area around the furnace to prevent clogging within the airflow.

Maintaining Your HVAC Flame Sensor

Cleaning some portions of your HVAC system regularly is necessary anyway. Debris can make its way into almost every portion of the equipment over time. That’s especially a problem for commercial operations that are designed to heat large areas of physical space.

Cleaning a furnace sensor is pretty straightforward. Once you have removed the flame sensor from the furnace and turned off all power and gas, start wiping it down with a fine emery cloth. You should have a smooth surface when you’re done. It shouldn’t have any strong marks or remaining materials that could create the right kind of conditions for a clog.

Make sure to remove all of the debris before you consider reinstalling it. Fortunately, finished porcelain is a relatively slick substance, so this shouldn’t normally be difficult.

When you find the ideal furnace sensor for a replacement, simply place your order here. Our store also offers international postage and same-day shopping. We will provide special shipping offers on certain products; you simply need to ask us.

Finding The Right Furnace Ignition Sensor

Like with anything else attached to your HVAC unit, these flame sensors are usually branded and designed to work with certain types of equipment. Consider looking into getting a Lennox furnace flame sensor if you currently have one installed. The right kind of Lennox furnace flame sensor can often serve as a drop-in replacement. These replacements help to dramatically reduce the risk of any fitment-related maladies that could occur as a result.

Dimensions matter. We’ve done our best to provide you with all of the fitment-related information regarding each furnace ignition sensor we sell. Then you can invest in the right part. Getting the right gas furnace flame sensor doesn’t have to be a challenge, especially when you have our entire listings.

We have 500,000 different products to choose from, including flame sensors, control modules, and ignition plates. In addition, we also provide the highest quality customer support around too.

Maintain Your Heating System With Furnace Part Source

At Furnace Part Source, we only source the best possible flame sensor equipment. We scout the most reliable manufacturers and parts. From flame sensor wires to electrode assemblies, various pilot assemblies, and flame sensor parts, we have you covered. Here, you’ll find products from Lennox, Heil, Fenwal, Carrier, and many other big-name brands.

Browse through our extensive catalog today to find the solutions for your next project. Or contact us to see how we can help! Regardless of what your next project entails, you can rest assured that you’ll find the parts and services you need here at Furnace Part Source. Whether you need a new gas furnace flame sensor or just a new air filter, our team has what it takes to get you the parts you need to restore your system.