Furnace Motors


Furnace motors are the heart and hub of your furnace. Thus, when they fail to start, it means that you lose heat too easily and need to make repairs; we have all the parts necessary for that. They work to blow hot air into a designated area, so as to warm up a room.

There are several different parts that go into ensuring that a furnace performs at its best. These include elements like “combustion motors,” which ensure that the furnace lights at the right time and the right temperature. They are also called a blower inducer or a combustion fan ventor, for their purpose within the machine.

The combustion motor facilitates heat transfer by bringing the air into the combustion passageway within the furnace. They are usually made out of plastic or metal, with the former offering ninety percent efficiency and the latter providing eighty percent. The housing that your furnace requires will determine the material.

Blower Motors

In contrast, “blower motors” help to distribute hot air within an HVAC system. They can be used in both heating and cooling systems, depending on your machine’s specialty. You can use either single-speed or variable-speed motors; variable-speed allows you to blow the air into a room at various speeds. We sell brands such as Comfortmaker Combustion Blow Motors that promise efficiency. Our experts can recommend other brands as well.

What Can Cause A Furnace Motor To Fail?

In order for your heating and cooling devices to work with reliability and energy efficiency, you’ll need to make sure that each of the motors in your furnace is fully functional, and durable enough to stand the test of time. Ideally a motor should last about twenty years if it has received good care.

Overheating is the first concern. In colder climates, it is natural that a furnace may work beyond its capacity to meet a set temperature. When your motor stretches its capacities, the oil used for machine lubrication will break up and cause damage. Overheating can also happen when the voltage for the machine is wrong or the airflow has become clogged. For this reason, try not to run your furnace during construction or house renovations, because the dirt will end up in the airway.

Excessive moisture is another issue. Condensation can happen from coil leaks or drips onto the main system. It can short out the electric motor, and potentially cause other parts to rust. This can be solved with a humidifier, but don’t forget to inspect your furnace annually.

You can rest assured that you’ll find something for all your furnace needs. We have various parts that will help your motors work. No matter the variable speed that you require, you can get back on track while receiving the heat that you need.

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