Induced Draft/Venter Motors and Assemblies

One of the more modern elements of newer furnaces, induced draft/venter motors and assemblies became a common part of heating units after the government began to implement its own mandated standards for heating and cooling products. They will also collect soot and prevent it from clogging up the system, which improves your airflow.

You want an inducer motor that connects easily to your system and prevents overheating. In some cases, you may want an updated part in case the motor you have is obsolete.

When it comes to replacing an outdated inducer, we recommend the Carrier/Bryant Vent Motor with Cooling Blade. They replace five different Carrier inducer motors. These should meet or exceed the performance of any of the five Carrier furnace inducer motors that they’re made to replace.

An induced draft/venter motor and assembly will help you to determine the rate at which air can move through the heat exchange unit. Such a feat enhances the efficiency and performance of any furnace. At Furnace Part Source, we carry a range of inducer motor kits, inducer assembly parts, and inducer wheels, designed to help you get the most out of any furnace. Each of these parts is designed with both durabilities as well as fitment in mind.

Other Benefits Of Draft Inducers

The fans help blow out potentially noxious gases that can poison a person or pet residing in a home. They also get rid of gases that may cause unwanted combustion. Sometimes combustion gases remain around a burner; when the latter is lit, an explosion may ensue.

Explosions are not acceptable, which is why the fans help blow them away. This ensures that no one is at risk of getting caught in the midst of an explosion. Safety standards usually specify a minimum size in order to prevent the possibility of this ever happening in a modern furnace.

In addition to increasing safety within your home, the fans also ensure that your furnace works more efficiently. They keep moving the air within the system and deliver a constant source of oxygen to the burners. The circulation also distributes the subsequent heat, allowing it to spread evenly.

Indoor air quality is often quite bad in many residences, which makes a properly functioning inducer motor a must. In many cases, real estate inspections will include some kind of test for indoor air quality. Those who don’t have a functioning motor may be asked to replace it in order to pass such an inspection.

While jurisdictions vary in different areas, it’s generally a good idea to ensure that this component is working for safety’s sake. We recommend doing that even if compliance itself isn’t necessarily an issue.

Furnace Inducer Motor Replacement

Eventually, your furnace inducer motor will probably wear out, just as all parts do. While the durability of these components has indeed increased over the years, there’s no such thing as a completely fallible component. Once they do, you’ll want to look into a high-quality furnace inducer motor replacement that meets the original specifications. Most manufacturers will clearly spell out what kind of motor you need.

Many of these come with everything that you’d need to restore a system to working order. Take Heil Quaker assembly kits for instance. These feature several different components all bundled together, which is important for those who have to swap out an induced draft motor as well as the surrounding armature.

While it’s not exactly a self-contained module, it does serve as a drop-in replacement. You shouldn’t find that difficult to install. Other full-sized draft assemblies are available for those who have to replace an even greater percentage of the equipment that they’re working with.

In many cases, those trying to replace a furnace venter motor or the inducer will want to work with equipment that’s specifically branded for the type of gear that they’re already invested in. For instance, you may wish to get a Lennox blower kit if you’re working with branded equipment. In many cases, you only need to know the dimensions or model of the blower that you need in order to ensure a smooth transition to a replacement part in this way.

What’s more, all of our products are new. If you need some assistance, reach out to us today to ask about which inducer motor is right for your system. Browse through our collection, including parts from Carrier, Fasco, Goodman, and more.

Made from durable metals and plastics, our exclusive range can withstand the highest temperatures. They also deliver unbeatable performance for years to come! Best of all, these are all designed to ensure correct fitment so you can feel confident about installing them on production equipment in both commercials as well as residential settings.

Clean Carbon Monoxide With Furnace Part Source Venter Motors

With our extensive collection, here at Furnace Part Source, you can provide safety and comfort for residential and commercial properties. Our components safely extract gasses out of the furnace, and up through the exhaust.

Find Your Ideal Inducer Motor At Furnace Part Source

With parts and draft inducer assemblies to suit a range of models, you can rely on Furnace Part Source. Receive the most extensive collection of high-quality furnace parts available on the market today. We ensure that you can find all the parts you need, with good deals on same-day shipping and special offers. This is great news for those who are dealing with a machine that suddenly failed and wants to get it up and running again without spending too much money on the project.

Contact us online whenever you’re ready to learn more about how induced draft and venter motors can improve your HVAC installation. Our team will look through our full catalog in order to get you the parts that would best suit the kind of equipment.