Fan & Limit Controls

Fan & Limit Controls

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Furnace Fan Limit Switch

The fan & limit controls in your furnace or forced-air heating system determine when the furnace blower assembly should switch on and off. They also regulate the amount of hot or warm air that goes through the system. When the thermostat calls for heat, the burner jumps into action, starting a heat exchange. Your fan & limit controls sense the temperature change and activate the blower.

In addition, the furnace fan limit switches work to prevent overheating. They enact an automatic shut down after reaching a certain thermostat threshold. As a result, the limit controls are important for preventing your machine from burning out or causing a small fire. That’s why they need to be replaced when failing.

Honeywell Fan Limit Switches

At Furnace Part Source, we carry an assortment of fan & limit controls to suit any HVAC or forced air heating system, including parts from Honeywell, Heil, and Camstat. Not only are our parts available for a great price, but you can access them through same-day shipping and international delivery too!

Honeywell is one of the top brands for furnace parts. Newer parts are designed to replace older ones, with some upgrading potentially obsolete systems, and coming with a manufacturer’s warranty. The Honeywell # L4064B2228 is one such example, able to replace nine older parts within the system.

Rheem Fan Limit Switch

Rheem has a wide variety of switches depending on the system requirements. Some have no reset options, while others are either manual or automatic. The variety can add versatility to your system, such as with the Rheem #47-20545-92 Fan & Limit Control L4064A.

When looking at Heil Quaker, take a look at the #1147225 Fan/Limit Switch, which also comes with a delay. Its temperature range is between 90 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, using an auto limit structure.

See which of our parts qualify for discounts or shipping deals. We want to provide convenience and safety. Start shopping today!

Control Your Comfort With Fan & Limit Controls

The fan & limit controls in your furnace or HVAC system work by sensing the temperature increase in your machine. Within a certain rage, the controls respond to the heat. When your system begins to heat up, the fan & limit controls mechanically rotate the temperature dial component within the fan limit switch, pushing the blower fan to turn on. This draws the cool air from the occupied space and exchanges it with hot air from the furnace.

Furnace Fan Limit Switch Temperature Settings

The furnace manual should notify you about the ideal temperatures that should allow for optimal function. When accessing the control panel, the furnace limit switch should have a cover as well as a dial for changing temperature. Defaults can range between 100 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

Resolve Your Limit Switch Problems With Furnace Part Source

At Furnace Part Source, we stock a wide range of fan & limit controls from some of the world’s leading brands. These are perfect for keeping your furnace running smoothly. Our goal is to supply HVAC specialists with the components that they need for repairs and replacements.

To find out more about these safety features and how to manage airflow, please reach out to us today. With Furnace Part Source, you can manage high-temperature demands and ensure that heating and cooling systems are working properly.