Fan & Limit Controls

The fan & limit controls in your furnace or forced-air heating system are the components that determine when the furnace blower assembly should switch on and off. When the thermostat calls for heat, the burner jumps into action, starting a heat exchange. Your fan & limit controls sense the temperature change and activate the blower. At Furnace Part Source, we stock a wide range of fan & limit controls from some of the world's leading brands, perfect for keeping your furnace running smoothly.

Control Your Comfort with Fan & Limit Controls

The fan & limit controls in your furnace or HVAC system work by sensing the temperature increase in your machine and responding to the heat. When your system begins to heat up, the fan & limit controls mechanically rotate the temperature dial component within the fan limit switch, pushing the blower fan to turn on. This draws the cool air from the occupied space and exchanges it with hot air from the furnace.

At Furnace Part Source, we carry an assortment of fan & limit controls to suit any HVAC or forced air heating system, including parts from Honeywell, Heil, and Camstat. Not only are our parts available for a great price, but you can access them through same-day shipping and international delivery too! Start shopping today!