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In your HVAC system, the "contactors" are the components that control the flow of electricity from one part of your furnace to another. The contactor sends a voltage into either the heat pump compressor, or air conditioning condenser to inform the system how to operate, and what kind of temperature should be output. Here at Furnace Part Source, we have a range of contactors to choose from, to help you improve your home heating and cooling experience.

Contactors are responsible for making sure that your system works exactly as it should when you choose a temperature on your thermostat. While the thermostat itself calls for either the heating or cooling process, the contactors are the magnetic components that call for action from the right parts of your heating or cooling system.

Contactors come in a range of different shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. At Furnace Part Source, we carry several different contactor solutions from reputable brands, including Carrier, Honeywell, and Heil. Browse through our online catalog today to find the solution that's right for you, or reach out to one of our helpful customer service agents. Don't forget, with Furnace Part Source; you can enjoy same day shipping and international delivery too!