HVAC Contactors

In your HVAC system, the “contactors” are the components that control the flow of electricity from one part of your furnace to another. The contactor sends a voltage into either the heat pump compressor, or air conditioning condenser to inform the system how to operate, and what kind of temperature should be output.

Here at Furnace Part Source, we have a range of contactors to choose from, to help you improve your home heating and cooling experience. Our goal is to ensure that you have one that matches your system’s energy requirements and mitigates potential machine failure.

Multiple Purpose Contactors

Contactors come in a range of different shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. Each one has at least one coil and several contacts.

Air Conditioner Contactors

For air conditioning systems with 115 voltage, try out the Carrier HN53CB115 3POLE 25AMP. If you require 120 volts and 200 amps, we can recommend the Copeland 912-3200-01.

Contactors have three parts: contacts, coils, and mechanical linkages. A failure in one of these fields may necessitate replacement. Causes can include systems aging over time or overheating, wearing out the components when they have to work beyond their normal means.

Troubleshooting Electrical Failure

In the case of the contact, they need to make contact so as to connect the current. If they get burned or pitted, then they can’t make a connection and the voltage drops dramatically. It’s easy to see if there are burns on the contact; a visual inspection will confirm or deny it. Voltage checks can also help in this regard, to see if there are sudden or unusual changes.

Contactors can also get stuck in an “up” or “down” position; the former cuts off electricity to the rest of the system, and the latter provides it. Both are not desirable options; if you have no means to provide electricity, then it means your system can’t function while being unable to turn off the current can waste energy.

Compressor Contactor

In an air conditioner system, the compressor contactor serves as a switch that carries more amperage. A double pole has two contacts within the component, while a single-pole simply has one contact. A three-phase commercial unit has three contacts and contactors, and as a result, has more amperage than the other two options.

Carrier Contactor

Carrier as a brand always looks forward. They design their replacements for versatility so that they can fit into multiple series. You can even insert some of their components into devices from other brands. We recommend the Carrier 13B0003N01 Compressor Contactor for when you need a smaller part in your system.

HVAC Contactor Replacements

HVAC contactors are responsible for making sure that your system works exactly as it should when you choose a temperature on your thermostat. While the thermostat itself calls for either the heating or cooling process, the contactors are the magnetic components that call for action from the right parts of your heating or cooling system.

Generally, these contactors come in a single, double, or triple pole. This, along with the voltage and FLA rating, will determine which device is a suitable replacement. FLA refers to full load amps and the maximum current from an inductive load that can relay across the contactors.

Find Your Air Conditioner Contactor At Furnace Part Source

At Furnace Part Source, we carry several different contactor solutions from reputable brands, including Carrier, Honeywell, and Heil. Our goal is to provide you with parts that other businesses may not carry and to suggest replacements for those that are discontinued. We want to get your HVAC systems running again, with control and style.

Browse through our online catalog today to find the solution that’s right for your air conditioner or furnace, or reach out to one of our helpful customer service agents. Don’t forget, with Furnace Part Source; you can enjoy same-day shipping and international delivery too! We’ll deliver a good deal so that you can take care of your magnetic fields and air conditioning systems.