A capacitor is a crucial component of the fan motor within a modern furnace. Usually, these important parts are divided into two distinct segments, both of which provide electricity to the apparatus within a furnace at crucial performance moments. At Furnace Part Source, we stock all of the parts that you need to make sure that your furnace performs at its best, for reliable home comfort and peace of mind. Explore our capacitor collection today.

A furnace capacitor is one of the most important, but frequently overlooked pieces of a home or commercial furnace device. The capacitor is the system that provides an electrical current to your furnace apparatus, ensuring that it runs when and how it’s supposed to function properly.

HVAC Capacitor

HVAC capacitors are designed to work with constant energy flows. Many brands can provide ample air conditioning and need replacements in the case of electrical failure. Testing the capacitor is one way to find a solution.

Furnace Blower Capacitor

Fan capacitors tend to go bad when they can no longer hold the charge necessary for regular functions. They provide the extra energy that the furnace blower needs for proper airflow and power. The furnace making strange humming sounds or delivering no power at all are signs that you have a bad capacitor.

Rheem Capacitor

Rheem is a reliable brand when you need heated air. We can recommend the Rheem 43-25135-20 40/3MFD 440V Oval Run Capacitor when you are in need of one. It meets OEM standards for high-quality.

Trane Capacitor Replacement

Trane believes in sustainability and energy efficiency when it comes to airflow. Comfort is another priority for the user. That is why the CPT0673 20/4MFD 440V Rnd Run Capacitor is a great option for your home. It’s also designed for affordability so you won’t break the bank.

Other Capacitors For Heating And Cooling

The two most common types of capacitor are the “start capacitor” which helps the motor to start up when you turn on your heater, and the “run capacitor,” that provides a steady supply of energy to your fan motors. Run capacitors are used in furnaces, AC units, and HVAC systems. You need both of these types to help your furnace function.

Carrier is great for capacitor manufacturing and acquiring reliable suppliers. The parts are reliable and often helpful, and we like keeping discontinued items in stock. See which items qualify for our discounts or special shipping deals. Also, check on manufacturers’ warranty policies to see which items are more valuable in the long run.

The Carrier 0353101X44 Capacitor 2MFD x 400 VAC came out in 2016, making it fairly recent and useful. It’s factory-approved and designed for quality.

One great option is the Carrier HC95DE041 – Start Capacitor 238-262 MFD 330 Volt, serving as a drop-in replacement for the same brand. This part is factory-made and meets CSA specifications when managing hot air. Use this to get optimum airflow performance with your furnace motor.

Another option is the Totaline® – P281-1356 Start Capacitor 330V for a start capacitor. It is lightweight at .75 pounds and also meets CSA listings for quality control. Totaline aims to provide universal parts that can serve as excellent replacements for defunct or discontinued items. They are also designed for use in affordable repairs when budgets are tight.

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