Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps

Most HVAC systems have to incorporate some kind of pump, which is needed for the movement of fluid air. A wide variety of different types of pumps and compressors have come onto the market over the years, which has made picking out just the right one quite challenging. There’s no reason that this choice has to at all be difficult.

Just mark out the make and model of the furnace or HVAC system that you’re working with to determine the pump. This should usually be enough to determine maximum flow and ideal parts. In some cases, you might want to take down the existing model of the pump so that you could find a drop-in replacement.

Heavy-Duty HVAC Pump Modules

Commercial applications usually put the greatest stress on HVAC pumps as well as other components. You’ll want to make sure that you’re working with gear that’s designed to hold up to whatever you throw at it.

Consider a ¾HP cast iron pump from Armstrong Fluid Technology if you’re looking for something durable. This unit is quite sturdy, which should be particularly helpful to anyone who wants to be sure that their new pump isn’t going to fail any time soon.

Not everyone needs a pump that large, however, and you might want to look into a ⅓HP Armstrong unit if you want a piece of equipment that’s going to prove very durable without sacrificing anything in the way of size. This should fit into a wide variety of scenarios regardless of the exact type of work you’re trying to do.

In many cases, you’ll want to size the equipment to the building that you’re working with. Keep this in mind while you’re looking for a new pump to use in an existing setup.

Pump Installation

Larger areas or installations might require a stronger 1½HP pump from Armstrong, which should be enough to deal with most needs. For reasons related both to general stress as well as energy conservation, you’ll want to match the pump to the size of the unit.

That being said, if your existing pumps are overworked you might be able to enjoy better results simply by replacing them with an upsized unit. Don’t be afraid to trust your own judgment, but keep in mind that you’ll want to operate all of your gear within the manufacturer’s specifications in order to ensure compliance as well as safety.

Interchangeable Pumping Equipment Installation

Since these components are all designed around the idea of interchangeable parts, you should often find the piece of gear you need for a pump system. If that does happen, however, then you’ll want to take a few moments to record the dimensions of the unit you’re trying to replace. See if there are any other identifying marks on it as well.

Install High-Efficiency Pumps With Furnace Part Source

Furnace Part Source makes it easy to get the kind of pumps you need to restore your existing system. We retail the parts required for repairing your heating or air conditioning systems.

Once you have this worked out, please contact us online and let our team find the best unit for your particular use case. We’ll help you get a pump that fits your installation and get your HVAC system moving again.