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Proper demarcation of zones is of vital importance when it comes to using any heating technology. Hot water baseboard heaters as well as those driven by steam are no exception, which is why zone valves are so important. These can provide a degree of control over heating water through each of the different zones.


In general, technicians would need to install one zone valve for each heating area or loop of piping. Each individual zone valve would then form part of a closed feedback loop along with a separate thermostat.

Repairing an HVAC or heating product requires a great deal of specialist know-how, combined with reliable parts and products. At Furnace Part Source, we make sure that we stock all the elements that you need for an efficient repair so that you can carry on with life as normal as quickly as possible. Our zone valves and zone valve actuators will help to control the flow of water and steam in your heating or cooling systems.

Managers of larger buildings or those who need to provide technical services to them will want to ensure that they use this kind of equipment to divide up the area into specific sections. Fortunately for them, there are more than enough choices so that they can custom tailor the entire operation to their specific needs.

Furnace Valve Actuators & Components

Check out this list of zone valve designs and prerequisite components and think about which ones might best fit your company’s needs. Chances are that you’ll want to stock up now so you’ll be prepared the next time a customer needs to have an entire system rebuilt from the ground up. If your firm does any sort of work for outside property managers, then this is a good opportunity to make sure that you have a sufficient number of parts on hand.

Several major types of zone valves and actuators have been brought to market by most of the HVAC brands that specialize in this area. Pay close attention to the existing equipment and match it to one of these choices in order to reduce the risk of improper fitment. Zone valves are normally made to attach to certain thread sizes, which have become increasingly universal as time has gone on, but it’s still a good idea to pay attention to any specifications written up by the manufacturer.

Our team can always help you find the best piece for your given situation, though we also invite you to take a look at the following options.

Zone Valve Actuator AG13A020

This zone valve actuator from Erie offers installers a spring return two-position design. You might have heard some talk about the Pop Top series of actuators, which have been making waves in the HVAC industry for a while now.

These units are extremely easy to install in a variety of both cooling and heating systems. They offer a temperature range of 32-200°F in fluid terms at 104°F ambient. Since they support a standard 24V circuit, you shouldn’t have any issues getting them to work wherever you need to put them in a zone valve actuator system.

Erie Body Part #VT2212

Naturally, you’re going to want to put together zone valves before you have an actuator work on them, which makes these body parts absolutely essential for those who are setting up any sort of sophisticated HVAC assembly. They offer users a ½” sweat size as well as a standard two-position valve body and a 40 PSI close off the system.

These components work with any general temperature design, which has made them an attractive option for those who prefer to only ever use industry-standard components and stick to components that would be easy to maintain at a later date.

Residential Zone Valve #V8043E1061

Perhaps no other name has become associated with the consumer-grade residential HVAC market like Honeywell. Those who are trying to do the repair in properties managed by individual homeowners will certainly want to look into their zone valves, if for no other reason than the fact that they’re so often specified by the original equipment manufacturers. These are perfect for those who have standard systems and need a ¾” sweat size that won’t be too difficult to install in a relatively cramped area.

Honeywell Replacement Powerhead

This 24VAC component runs off a standard 50/60Hz circuit and serves as a terminal block replacement for any component with the V8043F part number. Best of all, it comes with a dedicated hardware end switch so you can be sure that it always functions exactly as you intended it to without feeling forced to involve yourself in any guesswork. A quick peek at the site should tell you everything you need to know.

Over time, Honeywell has once again become among those names most trusted in the industry.

Honeywell Zone Valves

Due to their prominence in the thermostat space, Honeywell has expanded to offer a wide variety of zone valve options. These are particularly useful for those who are planning to partition off specific areas that will receive more or less heating during business hours. For instance, HVAC technicians could sub-divide a large floor of a building into six sections by installing Honeywell zone valves to section them off.

Occupants of one area could then dial the heat up or down as they see fit. It could be shut off completely in areas that become unoccupied. When staffers move back into these places, they would be free to open the valves simply by adjusting the controls on their thermostats.

Since these devices are designed to interface with other equipment based on certain standards, it shouldn’t matter as much what thermostat you’re using as long as it’s compliant with said standards. They might even interface with other such parts, like Erie zone valve components.

That makes Honeywell’s offerings useful for a wide cross-section of use cases, including those that might otherwise have been deemed on the edge by many technicians. Partitioning unusually shaped areas is often difficult because the equipment may not want to work its way around corners, Honeywell zone valve parts give the option of doing just that regardless of the shape of the property you’re working with.

Find Your Gas Furnace Replacement Parts at Furnace Part Source

At Furnace Part Source, we make sure that we stock all the heating elements and gas valve parts that you need for an efficient repair so that you can carry on with life as normal as quickly as possible. Our zone valves and zone valve actuators will help to control the flow of water and steam in your heating or cooling systems.

Our organization is committed to ensuring that you get the zone valves, zone valve controls, and other components you need. Feel free to contact us online whenever you’re having trouble finding the right part for a hydronic heating job.