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For HVAC solutions to function seamlessly, they need modules that have been perfectly tailored to suit their individual needs. Modules from Furnace Part Source allow you to expand the functionality and services of your HVAC models seamlessly, and efficiently.

We source and provide a range of exceptional module solutions to choose from, chosen from the highest-quality manufacturers in the industry. From HVAC control system modules that allow for the simple regulation of air conditioning and heating systems, complete with efficient sensing devices, to variable speed motor modules that relay fan control to the overall system.

Some of the solutions we offer include:

  • HVAC ignition control modules: The brains behind your HVAC heating services. Choose from hot surface and direct spark ignition control.
  • Control modules: The technology that allows for complete control over your HVAC model, from efficient running to reliable service.
  • Temperature control modules: The key to absolute commercial and residential comfort through sensing solutions and HVAC regulation
  • Motor Modules: Speed control modules that determine the performance and efficiency of your overall HVAC system.
  • Display Modules: Make managing your HVAC system simple with a complete understanding of model functionality

…And many more! Browse through our extensive range of impeccable HVAC module solutions today to find the right part for your needs.