Pulleys are the simple components of your HVAC system that are designed to keep everything working as it should. They assist the mechanical parts of your furnace, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to continue performing as normal throughout the life of your machine. In addition, furnace pulleys. they control the blower motor speech when adjusted.

However, they can easily begin to suffer from damage over time, particularly in an older system. When doing system checks, an HVAC should review the At Furnace Part Source, we stock various pulleys at incredible prices.

HVAC Pulleys

With pulleys from some of the most popular and well-known brands on the market, Furnace Part Source prides ourselves on being able to offer the best prices on blower and motor pulleys. Check out our comprehensive selection today, or ask our customer service team for help choosing the components you need, then enjoy same-day shipping on countless HVAC pulleys. See if you qualify for our discounts or deals.

Carrier Pulley

Take a look at the Carrier KR11AZ606 Blower Pulley, measuring at 5.6 inches with a ⅝ inch bore diameter. Many HVAC systems use Carrier parts when they want energy efficiency.

Blower Pulley

For alternative brands to Carrier, we like Lennox and Climate Master. In the case of Climate Master, take a look at the Climate Master KR11AJ912 Pulley Blower. It is hard to find online, which is why we take great pride in having it available for our customers.

Lennox has the 53J15 Motor Pulley, with an outside diameter of 4.75 inches. The bore is 7/8 inches, making ti small but viable for your machine.

Picking Pulleys For Your HVAC System

The Pulleys in your heating and cooling system help to make sure that the mechanical parts of your device can continue to function smoothly over time. However, they can be prone to problems with operation and performance over time. Whether you’re repairing your blower pulleys, or you simply want to upgrade your furnace or air conditioner system, Furnace Part Source stocks a wide selection of pulleys to choose from.

HVAC specialists have mentioned that they would prefer to replace pulleys sooner rather than later. Even though pulleys are durable, they can be overlooked and thus wear out sooner than blower motors or fan belts. Check the power and speed as well so that it can handle the system’s demands.

Always evaluate the pitch diameter and see if it matches your V-belt used in your HVAC system or application. The diameter allows you to calculate the pitch distance required for the fan belt.

Find Your Air Conditioner Pulleys At Furnace Part Source

At Furnace Part Source, we stock different types of furnace and air conditioner pulleys for our HVAC specialist customers. Every specialist deserves to have desired brands in their toolbox, from Carrier to Lennox. We keep an eye out for discontinued items and rare parts, so that our customers don’t have to worry about difficult replacements.

Reach out to us today to learn more about the brands we carry and the parts we recommend. Our team can answer your questions and offer tips as to how to optimize your system. Improve maintenance on your furnaces and air conditioners, to save on costs in the long run.