Replacement Shafts For Your Furnace & HVAC System

Furnace pulleys and shafts are the simple components of your HVAC system. They work in tandem to keep everything working as it should. They assist the mechanical parts of your furnace, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to continue performing as normal throughout the life of your machine. However, they can easily begin to suffer from damage over time, particularly in an older system.

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Picking Pulleys For Your HVAC System

The pulleys in your heating and cooling system help to make sure that the mechanical parts of your device can continue to function smoothly over time. They connect to various belts and move along a shaft to move accordingly. However, they can be prone to problems with operation and performance over time.

Whether you’re repairing your blower pulleys, or you simply want to upgrade your furnace or air conditioner system, Furnace Part Source stocks a wide selection of pulleys to choose from for repairs or replacement. The Lennox 37L47 Pulley can be used in multiple air systems, as one example.

With pulleys from some of the most popular and well-known brands on the market, Furnace Part Source prides ourselves on being able to offer the best prices on blower and motor pulleys. Check out our comprehensive selection today, or ask our customer service team for help choosing the components you need, then enjoy same-day shipping on countless HVAC pulleys.

Selecting HVAC Shafts

With HVAC shafts, they are designed to transmit power throughout the system when working with a pulley. Each can serve different functions, depending on their place within circulation. They are also designed to resist rust or degradation.

For example, blower motor shafts support the system’s fan and air flow. These allow for better circulation within an enclosed area. Most commercial air conditioning systems use indirect fans. When the shaft fails, cooled air flow will drop significantly and necessitate repairs.

Lennox has the 59882 1″DIA 38-3/4″ Blower Shaft that can assist with this. Take a look at the Carrier 50DK509554 17 3/4″ Fan Shaft as another option.

Direct drive fans connect to fan shafts, using fewer parts that can fail. These fans also increase energy efficiency, while trading off on power and speed control. They don’t use pulleys, which in turn reduces the noise along with the need for repairs.

Find Your Ideal Furnace Fan Blower Shafts At Furnace Part Source

Furnace Part Source stocks the parts that you need to manage heating and cooling systems, as well as air quality. HVAC specialists want to stock the components required for air handling, and to make necessary repairs. They can clear ducts connecting to your systems, and know when cooling coils need replacement.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how central air systems are designed for energy efficiency. When you need proper parts to improve circulation within supply ducts, then Furnace Part Source is your top retailer.