Gas Regulators

A gas regulator is a form of pressure regulating device that reduces or increases the input of gas into a furnace or heating model according to the desired requirements of the operator. Gas regulators are often a crucial part of many heating components and furnaces, as they allow for the complete control of the product, and help to ensure safety in operation within residential and commercial properties.

Why is gas regulation important? The process allows for the complete control of the product and help to ensure safety in operation within residential and commercial properties. Excessive heat can lead to explosions within residences or businesses. Too little gas, on the other hand, can prove.

Matrixol is our preferred brand for this. The company had experience making efficient use of gas during lean times. It patented a Straight-Thru-Flow design that would allow for higher capacities of energy in a shorter amount of time. Each subsequent innovation was focused on improving control for the human user, from temperature to gas flow.

Regulator Series

The Matrixol 210 Series

If you need the Matrixol 210 series, our options include the 210G-2 ½. This particular one has a 10 PSI natural gas inlet and a 2.5-inch pipe.

The 210 lockup regulator has a balanced valve, to allow for steady outlet pressure. Housing material is made of aluminum, which is known for being durable and affordable.

210 regulators can only be mounted in an upright position which reduces flexibility but has four locations for tapping and plugging gases. The D, E, and G parts can come with remote sensing, with more external taps installed for this purpose.

The Matrixol 325 Series

Our recommendation in this series is the Matrixol Gas Pressure Regulator 325-3-½. It is CSA certified as well. Browse the technical sheet to match the calibrations to your gas needs.

This series is best used with 5 psi piping systems. While the 325-7AL210D, 325-9L210E, and 325-11L210G require upright mounting open, the other regulators allow for multi-position mounting. The 325 is also made with aluminum housing, so that you can budget for long-term durability.

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At Furnace Part Source, we focus on getting you the best possible parts for a range of furnace and heating projects. From gas pressure regulators to burners, compressors, and actuators. Our extensive range of gas regulators are sourced only from the most reliable and commendable manufacturers in the business. Such brands include Maxitrol and Sensus/Rockwell.

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