Circuit Boards

HVAC Circuit Boards

The HVAC circuit board in your furnace is the brain of your heating system.This component tells the entire model what it should be doing to circulate heat or cool air around your home. Different sizes can determine the durability and age because smaller boards tend to have weaker material.

Furnaces use circuit boards to perform many activities, from alerting you to unit problems, to simply igniting your heating system. In an ideal world, the board matches the main furnace’s lifetime, to not necessitate replacement. Nevertheless, they can fail and you need to be prepared for repairs.

Circuit Board Replacement Parts

At Furnace Part Source, we offer a range of circuit boards from the best name brands in the industry.Browse our selections and see which models are suitable for your heating system. Take advantage of available discounts and shipping deals.

The circuit board within your furnace is the system that initiates and ends the heating process when you're trying to achieve a specific temperature in your home. It also monitors the temperature to make sure that the model doesn't overheat, and alerts you to any potential problems that you might have within your machine.

Carrier Furnace Circuit Board

Carrier furnaces are designed to run quietly and conserve energy, to provide utmost convenience. Circulate air and control humidity with ease. Insulation provides noise control while reducing the amount of wasted energy that would escape the system.

The HK38EA022 Circuit Board is meant for defrost control and is OEM-certified. It can fit specific Carrier, Bryant, and Payne furnace systems while replacing the HK38EA005 part in furnace systems.

Lennox Furnace Circuit Board

When you buy Lennox, you buy quality. The company developed the first steel-riveted furnace in 1895. The company’s goal is to reduce operating costs for the HVAC system user, while increasing comfort in an enclosed home or residence.

One good example of Lennox’s craftsmanship is the 63W36 Circuit Board. This is meant for heat pump control in the 102791-01 system.

Furnace Control Boards From Honeywell

The creator of the furnace regulator, Honeywell focuses on designing products for the future. Each innovation optimizes safety and efficiency. They want to create a sustainable future with their gas furnace and heating systems. The company has committed to reducing greenhouse emissions and reducing potential hazards with each new furnace system.

In line with such lofty goals, Honeywell circuit boards reflect the same commitment to efficiency and safety. Even rarer items, such as the Honeywell #ST9103A1002 Circuit Board fan replacement, reflect these properties. This fan can be fixed or field-adjustable with combustion air blower control and an oil primary control.

Repair Your HVAC System With Parts From Furnace Part Source

At Furnace Part Source, we stock some of the most reliable and efficient circuit boards available on the market. These come from many of the most popular brands in the industry, including Amana/Goodman, Armstrong, and Carrier.Our experts also aim to collect parts that have been discontinued or are hard to find, for HVAC specialists’ convenience.

Reach out today to find your ideal furnace circuit board.With hundreds of different options to choose from, including air cleaner circuit boards, and boards for humidifiers, you're sure to find the solution that suits your project.