Fan Blades

Air conditioner fan blades occasionally require replacement. Fans power airflow and streamline it through a residence or business. When you feel warm air or a lower flow during regular operations, then it may be a red flag for checking the blades and other parts to see if there are issues.

In other cases, you have to replace condenser fan blades when they become bent. Most are made of metal, and due to their thin structure they can bend easily. This disrupts airflow, and often the parts can’t be repaired. Older models are made of plastic, making them brittle as a result as they wear out over time.

AC Fan Blades

No matter the material, we can supply them for repairs. Browse our selection of AC fan blades. See if they qualify for shipping discounts, and receive them in as soon as the same business day for certain options. We also have discontinued or obsolete brands, if you have to repair an older system, as well as newer models.

We carry many brands, including Amana Goodman. This is good for customers who prefer affordable air conditioning and an indoor comfort system. The Goodman brand also focuses on environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient systems.

If you prefer a Swept Wing version of fan blades, try out the Amana Goodman # 0150G00003SP. It can be used in Amana, Goodman and Janitrol air conditioners; the same company owns all three brands.

Aaon is another brand that focuses on comfort, health and quality. The company keeps growing and innovating. For that reason, we recommend the Aaon S20411 Condenser Fan Blade.

Carrier Fan Blades

Carrier is a brand known for quality and providing a steady airflow to the modern home. The company has spent more than one hundred years in business, and claims to have invented the first air conditioning system. One good option is the LA01AA025 20DIA CW 1/2″ Bore 4 Fan Blades from the brand.

Some Carrier models have been discontinued. We carry them regardless for interested specialists, so you merely need to call to inquire about the number of items in stock and if they are available for purchase.

One such example is the Carrier 51302136110 19DIA CW 3 Fan Blades from the brand. It has a diameter of 20″ and a boron size of 5/16”. It replaces the 51302135900 as part of the Carrier series.

When replacing fan blades, always measure the radius and diameter respectively for a proper fit. Also check the rotation to see the direction in which air flows through the system, as well as the fan’s RPM and HP.

Locate Air Conditioner Fan Blade Replacements At Furnace Part Source

At Furnace Part Source, we have many air conditioning parts from reputable brands, suitable for any HVAC specialist. From fan blades to blower motors, experts can find the parts they need, at reasonable prices and with good shipping deals.

Reach out to us today to get started with condenser fan blades or ones meant for air conditioning. At Furnace Part Source, find apt replacements when an air conditioning system loses its flow or cannot cool adequately.