The exchanger in your furnace is the collection of tubes or coils that loops repeatedly throughout the airflow elements within your HVAC system. The heat exchanger is the component within your system that heats the air. The shape that the coils will take in any system will depend on the model of furnace that you have, and the type of fuel used for combustion.

Furnace Heat Exchanger Replacement

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We have no minimum order requirements. Our brands include Amana-Goodman, Carrier, and Armstrong. We also prioritize discontinued items that HVAC technicians cannot locate in other stores.

HVAC Heat Exchangers

One good option is the Carrier 334357-754 Secondary Heat Exchanger. We recommend this if you like Carrier heat exchangers. It requires no lift gate and weighs 53 pounds. Another is the Armstrong R38999D020 SS for those who prefer Armstrong furnace heat exchangers. It cannot be used for residential areas but weighs 38 pounds, making it later. For a Lennox heat exchanger replacement, try the Lennox 83K10. It is the largest of our recommendations, at 100 pounds.

The exchanger in your furnace uses your chosen fuel to combust and create heat, which can then be circulated around your home by your fan or blower motor. You choose the temperature you want to create with your thermostat, and the heat exchanger draws the correct amount of fuel to reach that temperature. Once the ideal heat has been reached, the air is blown into your ductwork, where it can be distributed evenly throughout your home.

When To Replace The Heat Exchanger Or Furnace

HVAC specialists have to make the call whether to replace a heat exchanger or to replace a furnace. Usually several factors influence the decision: if the furnace is nearing ten years of age, and if the heating system has problems with hot and cold spots around a residence. Many warranties don’t cover heat exchangers which is why repairing them can prove expensive and take up to eight hours to repair.

When the furnace is ten years or older, it may be time to replace the whole system. The same goes for if the furnace is the wrong size for a home or business. Otherwise, the owner is paying excessive operational costs for energy. Repair a heat exchanger with a younger furnace, that is properly sized.

A cracked heat exchanger is another red flag. Cracks can allow carbon monoxide to enter the breathing air and poison any residents in the area. Regular maintenance can identify and prevent such a problem with a gas furnace. Neglect will lead to cracking.

Choose The Perfect Exchanger With Furnace Part Source

At Furnace Part Source, we stock plenty of heat exchangers of different shapes and sizes, to ensure that you’ll always find the solution that you need for your home comfort. Whether you’re looking for a carrier condenser exchanger, or Heil, Lennox, or Rheem product, we have something to suit everyone.

Reach out to us today to get started with finding your parts for furnace repair. When it comes to the combustion process, we consider having heat exchanger replacement as a necessity to maintain breathable air.