HVAC Replacement Switches

Without switches, your furnace or air conditioner would simply run non-stop without any method of controlling it. Furnace switches provide a useful service by regulating pressure and power to different modules, which in turn allow your equipment to work in the way that you expect.

Though it can be somewhat of a challenge to find the appropriate switch for any given use case, it can help to locate the brand name and re-order or part number if applicable. While dimensions are provided for each switch in question, the catalog numbers are more than sufficient for finding the correct component in the vast majority of situations.

Pressure Switches

Pressure levels aren’t something to fool around with, considering that excessive pressure measurements could potentially cause a line rupture or other malady. Simply installing a new York Controls limit switch might be enough to slash the possibility of this happening. Take a few moments to check your entire HVAC installation and locate any places where you might be better off with having added a few additional switches like this.

Though you might think that such a simple component is more or less static, nothing could be further from the truth. Updated Lochinvar & A.O. Smith switches are an excellent representation of what new switch technologies are doing to revitalize the industry.

Engineering teams are constantly working on new solutions in this space. While it might not always be obvious and most innovations are incremental at this point, newer switches often boast better build quality and a greater degree of safety as a result of over-engineered points.

Depending on the type of application you’re installing this equipment on, you might find that these designs are considerably more durable than anything you previously used. That’s excellent news for commercial and retail operators in particular since mission-critical operations are quite common in those spaces.

Roll Out Switches

Usually, roll-out switches are found on gas furnaces and they’re used as a safety device. If a gas flame suddenly goes out, then the roll-out switch turns the gas off so that you can’t have a sudden ignition later on. They’re extremely important for this reason, and many jurisdictions require their installation for safety reasons.

Fortunately, there are options from brands like Utica-Dunkirk that can help to dramatically reduce the risk of any accident caused by a flame suddenly going out. All of these roll-out switches are designed to meet or exceed the specifications provided by manufacturers for any piece of equipment that could potentially mount one. As a result, the installation of one could potentially prove to be an upgrade.

Match The Right Switches To Your HVAC System With Furnace Part Source

Traditionally, it can be difficult to match the exact switches needed for a project because of the wide variety. That’s why our team here at Furnace Part Source has put together such a comprehensive collection of switches. They should serve the needs of the greatest number of clients.

Those who run into a snag finding the right safety feature can always use our online contact form. Furnace Part Source will supply HVAC technicians with the necessary components for air conditioning or furnace repair.