Ignition Modules, Circuit Boards, Control Boards

Ignition control modules are some of the most important parts involved in the manufacturing of any effective furnace. HVAC specialists view them as a viable alternative to a pilot light in older models. Due to electricity powering the ignition controls, they are safer.

The ignition module controls the ignition coil, or the firing time of that coil, to ensure the ongoing efficiency of any heating product. They work in tandem with the blower motor. Ignition control modules for furnaces not only ensure that a machine works efficiently but also helps to improve the safety of a heating element by controlling the amount of power allowed to move through the system at any given point.

Furnace Ignition Control Modules

At Furnace Part Source, we offer a huge range of incredible furnace ignition modules, ignition control boards, circuit boards, and more. Each component is designed to give you complete control over your furnace and HVAC systems. Different brands have varying benefits and tradeoffs, namely in the level of control or customization options.

Our extensive range includes everything from blower control panels for HVAC cooling systems, to ignition control parts, and complete control kits. See which items quality for free shipping and for our various discounts. We also carry obsolete and discontinued models, as well as appropriate upgrades for older systems.

Circuit Boards For Furnaces

A circuit board for a furnace may require replacement when the blower motor overheats. This can happen when dust and sediment clog the filters, causing the motor to work too hard to produce the same amount of energy. We have a discontinued option as a replacement, the Nordyne 624679 Circuit Board. The brand designed this board as an ideal OEM part.

Do you have the right ignition module? The right specifications can make all the difference for optimizing indoor heating. They need replacement when clean filters and other maintenance does not allow them to work properly. Then you want to look at models such as the York Controls S1-025-26363-700. Johnson Controls runs the York brand and can vouch for its quality.

You may want a control kit for making repairs and replacements, if you have LP or natural gas as an energy source. The Lennox 40W53 is one such example of a kit. It can replace the 53L75, 49L94, LB-95386A, 600757-01, 49L9401, and 40W5301 models from Lennox.

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As always, Furnace Part Source only collects parts and materials from the most well-respected brands and companies in the heating and cooling industries. From Fenwal to Carrier, Baso, and Amana/Goodman, you can choose from our vast brochure to find the piece that matches the needs of your project perfectly. Our specialists can also make recommendations on which furnace control boards suit your system, especially if parts have been discontinued.

Check out our incredible range today, and take your project to the next level with Furnace Part Source’s great products, and same-day international shipping. Reach out to us to find out which ignition modules are ideal for your system, whether for replacing an old part or implementing an upgrade.