One of the best-known furnace component brands in the United States, Erie has earned a reputation through the years for their durability and sustainability. Capable of delivering parts that enhance and repair HVAC systems across the nation, Erie solutions are perfect for people who want to make the most of their heating and cooling services. Furnace Part Source stocks the latest collection of Erie products, to help you find the part that suits your needs. 

Erie Products and Components

Erie are most popular for their furnace actuator components, which help to ensure the proper circulation of air within a HVAC system. Without a furnace actuator, it would be impossible to keep air clean and controlled within your property. At Furnace Part Source, we stock a comprehensive selection of Erie products and components, including actuator parts, to help you enjoy the maximum level of comfort from your HVAC system.

From actuators to valve bodies, and other crucial components for your furnace system, you'll find everything you need to upgrade your home comfort with the Erie product family at Furnace Part Source. From our exceptionally competitive prices, to same day shipping on a huge collection of products, Furnace Part Source are here to help you.