Bard HVAC Products

When you want an HVAC leader, you get Bard HVAC and the components they carry. They incorporate the latest heating and cooling technologies to create high-quality products. Durability and reliability are two cornerstone values.

Bard Furnace Parts

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Bard AC Units And Air Conditioning

The brand specializes in wall-mounted air conditioning. This arrangement reduces energy costs and the amount of cool air needed to help a building reach a certain temperature. Each system is designed to handle drastic changes in temperature, and potential heavy demands from the users. You want to check blower assemblies, such as the Bard HVAC S900-183, for necessary replacement.

Bard Furnace Filters

Furnace filters prevent dust, dirt, and other potential contaminants from clogging an indoor system. They keep the circulated air clean, which improves the residents’ health and prevents potential bottlenecks.

Due to the amount of dust in the air — seventy percent of it comes from human skin– filters can clog easily in turn. This will also cause issues if one doesn’t insert new filters into the furnaces or clean them. Smaller ones between 1-2 inches long need changing within a month, while ones in the 5-6 range can be changed between nine to twelve months, nearly a year. A building owner, superintendent, or HVAC specialist must replace the filters on a regular basis.

Other factors include the number of people that work or live in the building, dander from various pets, indoor air quality, potential allergies from all parties involved, and HVAC system use. Fur, parasites and dander may push through the system and cause more clogging. Reptiles or fish will have fewer occurrences of that.

With HVAC system use, a furnace may run more in the winter while an air conditioner has to pump cooler air in the summer. When the systems have to run for twenty hours as opposed to two hours a day, the filters collect more dust. That necessitates more frequent replacement.

Evaluate Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values, or MERV, on individual filters. These denote how well these filters work, compared to a universal standard.

Bard Furnace Controls

Having a furnace control is similarly important, to regulate the distribution of heat and ambient temperature. Models vary depending on the year they were made and the specific functions they have.

For an integrated system, take a look at the Bard HVAC # 5651-144 Integrated Furnace Control. It is one of the newest models from the company, and pairs well with wall-mount systems.

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