Armstrong Furnace

Armstrong furnace units focus on high-efficiency when circulating heat. The division is part of Armstrong Air, which in turn is owned by the Lennox Furnace Company. Lennox founded the brand to focus on professionalism and quality within central heating. They use computer-controlled equipment to manufacture all of the equipment, to ensure that it meets quality control.

Parts For Armstrong Gas Furnaces

Take a look at our selection of Armstrong furnace parts. See if any qualify for our shipping deals or for special discounts. We have no minimum orders on select items; browse further to see which of these qualify. Some even have a one-year manufacturers’ warranty.

Armstrong offers comfort and efficiency merged with innovation in each of their systems. Every part must contribute to the whole, to ensure a steady flow of air at a constant temperature.

Every furnace needs a reliable blower shaft. Within a furnace unit, the blower shaft supports the fan or blower that sends heat throughout the system. When a blower goes bad, then it means the air doesn’t circulate through the ducts. The Armstrong R41111-001 Blower Shaft is one of our recommendations for when you need to replace a blower shaft.

In addition to blowers and shafts, the furnace burner requires efficiency and accuracy. In a gas furnace, one wants to see that the fuel — gas, propane, or oil– and air required for combustion are mixed in a safe manner.

The Armstrong # R37895C001 Burner With A Crossover emulates these qualities. While this item does not qualify for deals, HVAC specialists do look to this as an example. Replacements would be necessary if the fuel valves are damaged, or the pilot light refuses to work.

The furnace control board helps with regulating temperature, and extending your system’s lifetime. When they fail, it can reduce the lifespan. Take a look at models such as the Armstrong # R39029B002.

Armstrong Air Furnace Parts

Armstrong Air offers high-quality manufacturing on a national scale, relying on furnace experts to deliver on energy savings and innovation. Constant improvement on existing products is a top priority. They rely on an EHX Technology for the air furnace systems. EHX has more durable heat exchangers than standard models, and works to remove hot and cold spots from circulation.

For example, the A801A seeks to reduce energy costs. It has an eighty percent AFUE rating, that can reduce the heating bills for up to hundreds of thousands per year. A quieter combustion startup also handles potential noise pollution.

Let Furnace Part Source Optimize Your Furnace Model

Furnace Part Source wants to ensure that every HVAC contractor and specialist has the parts necessary for repairs and replacements. When brands upgrade their parts and one needs to find components or older or newer systems, we always update our stock and answer your questions about certain preferences.

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