4 UV Light Air Purifiers and Ionizers For Your HVAC System

4 UV Light Air Purifiers and Ionizers For Your HVAC System

21st Sep 2020

Health has become a bigger priority for people with indoor heating and cooling systems. Many contaminants such as germs, viruses and bacteria, can travel through the air. These UV light air purifiers and ionizers can help with cleaning your home or business automatically, as part of your daily maintenance.

We recommend the Honeywell UV100A2008 from a reliable brand when it comes to UV light purifiers. It focuses on airborne bacteria and surface mold, which makes the purifier great for humid climates. People like how the installation is easy, so that in times of a pandemic, it can help with reducing the risk of disease.

If you prefer another brand, there is also the Nu-Calgon 4900-20 ion generator. This ionizer works within air conditioning duct systems as well as indoor fans, with a simple installation and self-cleaning design. It also can take care of pet dander, for families with dog or cat allergies.

Another self-cleaning option is the Nu-Calgon 4900-10. This air purifier is an ion generator and requires fewer repairs and replacements than other options. It is best for lighter systems.

The Nu-Calgon 4900-40 | In-Stock has a small design and also doesn’t require replacement parts. It’s low-maintenance and designed to be used in residential spaces.

How Ion Generators and UV Lights Fight Germs

Ionizers work to remove harmful contaminants, such as bacteria and viruses, from the air. They do so by electrifying the air, by releasing negative ions. The negative ions attach to contaminants in molecular form. With the negative charge, the contaminants then attach themselves to nearby surfaces, such as walls, furniture and floors that can be cleaned easily.

UV purifiers use short-wave UV-C lights. Air enters the purifiers and then are exposed to a UV lamp. The subsequent irradiation kills off live contaminants in the air such as bacteria, viruses, or mold. UV lights traditionally were used to purify water for drinking, but they can also work for airborne devices. These are best paired with Hepa filters, because alone the UV air purifiers need help in amplifying their irradiation.

These solutions are best for indoor systems in general. In the outdoors, airflow can be too dynamic thanks to the weather. You want a system that you can control, and that is why you should implement ionizers and purifiers within enclosed spaces, as opposed to patios or porches.

Clean The Air With Tools From Furnace Part Source

Furnace Part Source has the replacement parts and equipment you need to improve indoor air quality. We try to locate filters, motors and other parts when your HVAC unit is in need of repairs. Our experts can make recommendations on what will assist with proper filters. With our shipping policies, you can receive your products in as soon as a few days.

Reach out to us today to learn more about purifying the air in your home or residential unit. From Hepa filters to ion generators with charged particles, we know how to handle air quality and improve upon it. Furnace Part Source provides the tools necessary to remove unwanted pollutants and germs.