Just as your home is designed to keep your family as safe and comfortable as possible on a day-to-day basis, the housings in an HVAC or furnace system are intended to keep components working safely, without interference from outside elements. At Furnace Part Source, we stock housing elements for a variety of components within your heating and cooling device, including housing for inducers, blowers, and induced drafts.

Honeywell Humidifier

Honeywell as a brand is reliable for heating and cooling systems. Decide which capacity is right for your system, per the water tank and humidifier size.

Manual Humidifiers

Our top Honeywell manual humidifier is the H8908ASPST 10-60%RH HUMIDI STAT that runs on 24 volts. This allows you to control the moisture in a single building, from living rooms to offices. The dustproof on/off switch can be mounted on either a wall or a mount, making it flexible and simple to use.

Pneumatic Humidifiers

The Honeywell HP972B1005 humidifier uses pneumatic forces to distribute moisture through one or two-pipe installations. It can either increase or decrease moisture depending on your airflow needs.

Alternative Brands To Honeywell

If you would prefer a humidifier from another brand, try out Carrier. We like the HUMXXLFP1518 120V 1PH 18Gal/Day Humidifier. Our pride is finding products that have been discontinued and maintaining them for interested customers. The water panel can be easily changed and is easy to clean, and flexible installation.

HVAC Humidifier Benefits

Increase Comfort And Health For Residents

Generally, humidifiers improve moisture distribution around your house. This is important to reduce the amount of dry air during the winter, which can lower your immunity to flu bacteria or viruses, irritate your skin or aggravate allergies. Nosebleeds, for example, can happen when the human body is dehydrated.

Reduce Water Vapor Damage

With proper moisture control, you also protect delicate furnishings and furniture from excess humidity. Certain materials Wood, for example, distorts when exposed to excessive water, and this can lead to floorboards and furniture becoming damaged.

Stabilize Energy Efficiency

Water vapor makes your house or business feel warmer at lower temperatures. As a result, you are less likely to raise the thermostat or furnace during winter days. This saves on energy costs and means your heating system will do less work to reach the same threshold. Home furnace humidifiers also take up less space and require only annual maintenance.

Keeping Components Safe With Housing

The right housing around crucial elements in your HVAC system such as a fan or blower can help to ensure that if something goes wrong within your furnace, your machine won’t simply shut down. For instance, if a small amount of debris entered through a grate in your furnace, housing elements would protect the internal parts from damage, and keep both your family and your investment protected.

Add The Proper Amount of Moisture With Furnace Part Source

With Furnace Part Source, you can choose from a brochure filled with housing options designed to make your HVAC more reliable and safe. No matter which aspects of your heating or cooling system you want to protect, we’re here to help. Our shipping policies can help you save on costs in delivering air purifiers and humidifiers to your doorstep.

Contact us today to find out more about our products. Furnace Part Source will improve air conditioning and proper humidity levels within your home or business.