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A leading global provider of heating, cooling, and water heating solutions, Rheem has developed a stellar reputation over the years.The company has utter devotion to impeccable reliability, innovation, and energy efficiency.They also aim for sustainability in the long run.

Over almost 100 years of development, Rheem has excelled in the production of high-quality furnace, boiler, and HVAC components. They are now available today at a low price from Furnace Part Source. Browse our collection to learn more.

Rheem Heating And Cooling Products

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Every furnace system needs a blower motor. It serves as the heart and energy generator for hot air to funnel through. The Rheem # 51-23679-02 Blower Motor is one such example of a drive type furnace powerhouse. It runs on a single speed with ½ horsepower, with 1075 rotations per minute. The sleeve bearing and shell-band mount add to the durability.

With some AC units, there is a risk of them turning on and off suddenly, causing interruptions to airflow and reducing efficiency. This can happen when the HVAC system has problems that often do not become obvious until serious damage develops. A time delay relay can help. This is a control relay that has a few seconds of built-in time programmed into the circuit. Rheem has the # 42-22655-02 Time Delay Relay as one example.

Burner tubes in gas furnaces control the rate at which the gas burns. This allows for better regulation of heat. The Rheem # 75-22840-02 In-shot Burner Tube is used in the RGPH models.

Decades Of High-Quality Products

Founded in 1925, Rheem has been developing exceptional products for the furnace and boiler industry.The business focuses on delivering not just exceptional performance and comfort, but also outstanding energy efficiency too. Today, Rheem is the largest manufacturer of water heating products in all of North America.

In addition, the Rheem Manufacturing Company focuses on both sustainability and benefiting the greater good.  Each new innovation focuses on more than updating a heat pump or a furnace component. They also reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, with both installation and use.

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