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One of America’s leading manufacturers in the world of boiler design, Burnham Boilers have been producing innovative heating products since 1873. Delivering steam and hot water boilers for both industrial and commercial applications, Burnham Boiler has made a name for themselves as one of the most reliable and reputable companies in the US.

When you install parts made by Burnham Boiler, you can rest assured that you’ll have a heating product designed to stand the test of time. The company reflects high-quality engineering and a dedication to customers’ needs. For example, sealed combustion removes the necessity of a chimney to dispel smoke from a house.

Burnham Boiler Parts

At Furnace Part Source, we believe in giving our customers only the very best that the heating industry has to offer. That’s why we stock parts from the best, most highly-recommended companies in the market. Our collection of Burnham boiler parts will help you to make the most out of your water heating project and ensure that your entire family achieves the home comfort and convenience that you deserve. They work in tandem with insulation and furnaces to retain and manage heat.

The natural gas valves for boilers are such a tool that are meant to optimize comfort; one option is the 100333-01 24V 3.5″ WC Nat ½ Gas Valve. They stop the flow in case of emergency and prevent potential disasters. We like this one for representing the pinnacle of Burnham Commercial Engineering.

Burnham Boiler Control Board

Every Burnham Boiler also needs a control, to regulate temperature and flow. The 101066-01 Boiler Control is one such example, programmed for homes and businesses and determining which valves open and close for utmost efficiency. This works with the following boiler models and shows off versatility: CHG, FCM 090, and FCM 120.

You also need filters to go with your system, to clear out any debris or buildup that can clog the pipes. These are usually magnetic to adhere to the boilers. With Burnham Commercial, the 81156012 Filter is a good choice. It will attach to your boiler and proactively handle potential build-ups.

A boiler is one alternative to a furnace. It can provide a reliable source of warmth during the winter months, often without creating drafts or spreading potential allergens throughout a designated area.

Optimize Your Heating Equipment With Burnham Furnace Parts At Furnace Part Source

With Furnace Part Source, you can rest assured that you’re not only getting the best-branded items on the market, but you’re also getting a competitive price, with exceptional customer service as standard. We’ll help you to find your perfect part, and many of our components are available for international delivery and same-day shipping. This means no more waiting around for that emergency part.

Reach out to us today to find parts for your boiler control systems or furnaces. Our specialists can make recommendations on hard-to-find or discontinued parts. When it comes to home heating and cooling, Furnace Part Source delivers on high efficiency and the equipment that HVAC specialists need for maintenance and repairs.