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Media Air Cleaners

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Full-sized media air cleaners can capture an overwhelming percentage of the nearly invisible airborne pollutants that assault homeowners and commercial operators regularly. These units include a media filter made from pleated material that meets or exceeds the bare minimum guarantee of air quality quoted for any given space. Each has been carefully designed to deal with small particles measuring less than 0.3µm in length.

Conventional dust, pet dander, and even smoke particles are readily dealt with by installing one of these convenient devices. Fitment has become an important consideration when installing air cleaners because some OEM brands have elected to discontinue one model in favor of another.


Replacement Media Air Cleaners

When picking out a replacement for a clogged or worn-out media air cleaner, you'll want to look at the model number of the currently installed device. Chances are good that a more recent piece of gear has made its way onto the market, which means you can not only put in a new cleaner but also upgrade your installation while you're at it. 

Honeywell Replacements

For instance, the new Resideo F100F2020 air cleaners replace the older F100F1020 Honeywell models. Likewise, the F100F1012 and F100F1038 models replaced the F100F1625 and F100F2025 Resideo models, respectively.

At first glance, this might all seem confusing, but picking out a replacement that will offer compatible metrics is surprisingly easy. See what the current model number is and check to see which air cleaner replaced it. You can then choose that media air cleaner with a high degree of confidence that it will fit into the space occupied by the current model.

HVAC engineers have worked to get the dimensions of these media air cleaners just right, so there shouldn't be any fitment-related issues. At the same time, they've incorporated all of the latest advances in materials processing, so you can be confident that they'll filter out as much harmful content as possible. Unlike traditional air filters, these cleaners can catch excellent material that would typically get recirculated throughout your ductwork. That's made them an attractive choice for those needing clean surroundings.

Installing New Media Air Cleaners

Considering that it's possible to retrofit HVAC systems with media air cleaner equipment in place, they may prove helpful to allergy sufferers and those with respiratory problems. Many organizations have emphasized the importance of breathable air that's free of any contaminants. 

Consider installing a new set of media air cleaners, even if this is your first time. The work can be done relatively quickly, and it's a cost-effective way to improve the indoor air quality of nearly any building that employs HVAC technology daily.

Clean Out Any Unwanted Mold Spores With Furnace Part Source

Our team here at Furnace Part Source has put together a collection of various sizes of media air cleaners. We match the widest selection of original equipment manufacturers. 

Use our online contact form to learn more about the components we carry for air conditioning systems. With any air cleaner installed, trust Furnace Part Source to remove any airborne contaminants.