Tekmar Controls

Tekmar Controls is a brand that focuses on providing solutions, especially with a wide range of boilers in the heating industry. Part of the Watts company, Tekmar Controls focuses on increasing safety for all users with water heating systems as well as residential and commercial boilers. They want to find solutions rather than settle for problems.

The design takes the highest priority for Tekmar Controls. An efficient structure serves to solve problems in each industry. Research teams study global demands, and they provide insight for region-specific products or systems.

Tekmar Boiler Controls

Boiler controls are essential to your water heating systems, regardless of the type. They determine the temperature for water heating at three levels: operating, limit, and firing rate. Each helps maintain safety while the boilers are operating.

The operating rate is the ideal default for water temperature during circulation. Limit controls work to reduce the temperature if it passes a certain threshold, showing that the boiler did not turn it off after reaching that point.

Sometimes, the boiler controls do not require a replacement. There are some cases where an individual may adjust them by accident, and that can negatively affect the heating and circulation. A specialist, rather than inserting a new part, will troubleshoot until they find the ideal temperatures.

Tekmar Thermostats

Tekmar thermostats are designed to handle unique water heating needs. Different models serve various functions.

Tekmar 361

The Tekmar 361 is a mixing control with variable speeds. These handle outdoor mixing pumps, working with an Outdoor Temperature Reset. People like how the 361 is versatile; it can work with radiant floor heating and commercial boilers.

With the 265, you receive an adjustment for when local temperatures change. The control has warm weather shut down to save on energy, and it will do constant testing for quality control.

Tekmar 265

If you have multiple modulating boilers, then you will want to try out the Tekmar 265. It uses an Outdoor Temperature Reset to handle the multiple individual units as well as a single set water temperature. Leverage the easy installation to save on time and money for setting up a new system.

Like the 361, the 265 has a warm weather shutdown, as well as a test sequence to ensure that all of the parts are working properly during normal operations. The comfort adjustment can change depending on the building’s capacity and the number of residents.

Tekmar 279

When desiring steam control, you go with the Tekmar 279. It has one stage and is designed to work with one steam boiler.

The indoor temperature feedback comes with a manual override. This allows for more control in the case of an emergency. Operators like the huge LCD display and tankless coil operation.

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