A company that’s been in production since 1914, BASO is one of the most well-known and highly-recommended businesses in the world when it comes to gas control solutions. Since its inception more than 100 years ago, BASO has been recognized as an innovative leader in the manufacture and development of a wide range of high-quality gas control accessories and products.

Although many things have changed in BASO over the last centuries, one thing that remains consistent is the company’s ongoing commitment to creating superior products and offering exceptional customer service.

Browse through our extensive BASO catalog to see ignitors, ignition control units, spark ignition modules, and more. All are designed to offer top of the range performance and longevity for years to come.

BASO Furnace Igniters & Spark Gear

Pilot burner equipment is one of the fields that BASO really specializes in, and it’s obvious from their selection that these parts have attracted quite a lot of admirers over the years. That’s largely because these components have proven successful in a variety of applications. Applications range from both residential and commercial properties as well as among those who install aftermarket parts in consumer furnace equipment that they repair.

Many of these components are designed to interface together in a manner that makes it easy for those working with them to do their job. Compatibility problems have long plagued anybody who does work with furnace equipment. It’s easy to find yourself fumbling around trying to figure out which component would best fit into any given area.

Baso Ignition Controls & Gas Parts

If you’ve been unable to do so thus far, then take a closer look at the BASO catalog, especially if you need pilot burner or ignition equipment. These are some of the specialties that the brand is known for. Once you have the right piece in place, you won’t have to worry nearly as much about whether or not that length of tubing you have is going to fit quite right.

Take the pilot burner tubing set, which is designed to work with a number of different consumer furnace installations. Those who are replacing pieces of equipment that meet these needs will want to look into the aluminum pilot gas tubing rolls as well, since these provide 60 inches of material. That’s enough to reroute nearly any type of consumer furnace you’d work with, as well as many commercial ones.

Make Sure You Have All The Right Parts

Those who want to be certain that they have everything they need also want to look into a pilot adjust adapter. This part is manually operated so you can be sure that it’s going to have the correct configuration regardless of the type of equipment that you install it into.

Various other devices have come onto the market as a result of the hard work of BASO’s engineering teams. You can find gas valves, burners, boilers and commercial drying units. Since their product lines are so vast, you’re going to want to be certain that you have a sufficient amount of material on hand to service the needs of any consumer who might end up requiring a piece of gear.

Many of these parts have a wide range of uses in the commercial market as well. Whether you’re doing work for those who provide facilities for use with public education or retail services, you’re going to want to again stock up on genuine certified BASO parts so that you can achieve the kind of results that are needed in these sorts of markets. That’s an even more important consideration for individuals who work with a regular series of customers. They may all have similar needs coupled with really tight deadlines.

Find Aftermarket Furnace Ignition Components At Furnace Part Source

Here at Furnace Part Source, we work alongside BASO to deliver the widest collection of furnace-based products and parts around for your projects. We carry many other brands as well.

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