How To Properly Clean A Furnace Blower Motor

How To Properly Clean A Furnace Blower Motor

3rd Feb 2021

How To Properly Clean A Furnace Blower Motor

The furnace blower motor is the heart of your system’s energy. It powers up warm air to circulate through the system, with different models having various speeds to accommodate for business or residential spaces.

Why You Must Clean The Blower Motor

Dirt and dust gather easily, especially within enclosed devices. They can clog up the airways, as well as the machinery. This leads to an efficiency loss of up to twenty percent. The clogging can also increase your energy bills, and shorten your furnace life drastically.

Carrier Blower Wheel

The  blower wheel is the most crucial motor part to clean. Its blades push air through the system, drawing ample energy from the motor. If dirt or dust clog the blades, then the blower wheel needs to demand more power from the motor due to the additional resistance. This can damage or short out the motor.

You also will remove bad smells from the furnace when unclogging the motor blower. The odors can cause discomfort to residents or visitors in the area, and become an inconvenience. Removing this odors will improve your

How To Clean Your Furnace Blower Motor

A homeowner should trust an HVAC expert to conduct the cleaning. There are many delicate parts that require dust removal. A specialist can also identify areas that improve efficiency and remove the debris without causing potential damage.

  • Turn off the power first. Check for a switch or a circuit breaker, depending on the furnace model and installation. This common-sense step will prevent potential injuries and chances of electrocution.
  • Conduct a visual inspection. See if there are obvious signs of damage and confirm if the furnace is drive-driven or belt-driven. Then take notes on parts that could require replace or replacement. Evaluate the state of wires, and if their insulation is damaged as well.
  • Remove the unit door, for easy access. Do the same with the door switch, and try not to disconnect any wires that are tethered to the blower. Dismount the control board and then remove the blower. Removing any screws attaching the board and blower will facilitate the dismounting.

A specialist needs a brush and a vacuum for cleaning the fan and motor. The brush needs to be small enough to access the fan blades, motor housing, and squirrel cage so as to clean them. Vacuums will clean the blower cabinet, and remove dust efficiently. You will likely see large clumps of dust, and you must get each speck.

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